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The Conscience Of A Restorationist, III

With the explosion of progressivism in America, every major institution that influences public opinion has been overrun by collectivist/statists, from the movie theater to the classroom. That means that your kids (along with the rest of us) are constantly bombarded with leftist messages. Every day, they hear that business is the problem and ever-bigger government is the solution. They are told all the time that anyone who opposes Barack Obama and the current statist government is a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a sexist, and a greedy wealth-mongerer….

Good Times For The Brazilian Economy

China is not the only country receiving so much attention among the world’s emerging markets. While this country may have a larger profile as the world’s second largest economy, Brazil is likewise making waves in the news headlines.

Construction Decline Hits Affordable Housing

The slump in the housing market has had far-reaching effects. Home prices have fallen significantly on existing homes, especially because there are so many foreclosures on the market. It has also affected new construction, including affordable housing projects.

Markets Hinge on Greece, a Market Looking for Perspective

We must be mindful of European difficulties, amid U.S. difficulties. Between the European countries and the U.S., global economic affairs are realized. This article looks at European debt, in view of Greece.

Fiscal Responsibility and the US Election

This week’s article continues the series focusing on the economy and the coming elections. The first article in the series was “Unemployment and the Presidential Election”.

Do Bankers Deserve Considerable Bonuses in Today’s Society?

In today’s culture, the pay of bankers is unregulated and banks are able to reward their productive workers with bonus payments. Investment bankers can receive bonus payments that exceed their annual salaries.

Make Way for the Mega Cargo Container Ships – What Does It Mean?

Last year, I listened to a rather enlightening speech by a professor at the University of Riverside in CA who explained the changes at the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports and how that affected jobs, rail traffic, pollution, and how all this was effected by global trade with China. It’s a big complicated and comprehensive set of challenges in logistics and economics. Not surprisingly, as free-markets economies always are, and throw in the global trade issues, and it becomes very obvious really quickly that everything affects everything else, and linear decision making won’t work.

The Federal Reserve Should Discount the Amount of Money We Owe By the Trade Deficit Figures

One of the problems with borrowing money for deficit spending by our government is the reality that it is the citizens who are burdened with the cost of paying the money back with interest. The previous business cycles of our economy were much more predictable before our economy became so global. Today, the business cycle is out of whack, along with our deficit spending, borrowing, trade deficits, and money creation theory and allocation.

Houston Unemployment and a Booming Texas Economy

The unemployment rate in Houston is at 10 percent as of December 2011 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 percent higher than the national average. This is shocking, considering Texas is leading the nation in government job growth. About four years ago, government stimulus was supplied in hopes of restoring economies to get them growing again.

State Power, Social Power, and Communities

State Power predominates in America today over Social Power. What role does social capital play in restoring communities, which ultimately, restore America to freedom?

Europe Has Pneumonia – China Catches A Cold

Global economies are not marching in volatile lockstep. That’s a healthy development as Europe comes down with economic pneumonia.

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