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National Debt Disaster Preview – Egypt, England, Puerto Rico And Madison

The national debt of the United States is hardly a sexy topic, but it is a critical one for the future of the country. One needs look no further than the recent headlines to see how financial pain can lead to social unrest whether it be a good thing or bad.

Will World Unrest Come to the US?

You’re hearing a lot about unrest in places like Tunisia and Egypt. It’s so far away it may not seem too important. But what if it were to happen here?

Where Will Tomorrow’s Workers Come From?

With the unemployment rate still coming down from its double-digit heights, few people in the U.S. are talking about what may be one of the biggest economic problems in our future: a labor shortage. In fact, however, one of the main reasons the unemployment rate has fallen faster than many analysts predicted is that the number of people seeking work has declined.

Using Alternative Energy Can Uplift National Security

Food security is one thing each nation has been dealing ever since it started its existence. It is literally the backbone of survival. But as technology grows, needs for power also grows.

When Will the Economy Finally Turn Around?

When will the economy turn around? Or more precisely, will it ever turn around? What are the effects of the current wave of changes sweeping through the Muslim world? Are we headed for Armageddon? This article gives surprising insight.

Could Tourism Save Greece And Its Economy?

Everyone has heard about it on Television or read about it in the papers, on a Blog or news website. Greece is in trouble, I am not too much in to politics but I gathered that a lot of Politicians and Government people robbed the country blind. As always in situations like this its the normal people that suffer, and in this case even other countries. Here is a proposal that could solve this problem and everyone would benefit from it.

Red Tape and Lack of Innovation Kill HIV Cure Research

There is a discrepancy between what it costs to keep HIV/AIDS governmental agencies and private societies running compared with what funding they put into researching new and better solutions for the HIV epidemic. Investors must be aware that these bureaucratic organizations first invest in their functioning, not in science.

Under Housing’s Weight, Uncle Sam Finally Shrugs

Three years after the housing market’s collapse, the federal government finds itself backing nine out of every 10 new residential mortgages, some of which still require buyers to put less than 10 percent down. Like Atlas with Earth on his shoulders, Uncle Sam is bearing the weight of nearly the entire housing industry, such as it currently is. If today’s mortgages go bust like their predecessors in recent years, the American taxpayer will have to bear the losses.

Stock Market Strategy: Expect Commodity and Equity Rallies to Keep Pace With POMO, The Rest Is Noise

Expect the Commodity and Equity rallies to extend to the end of the year as long as QE2 continues to roll at the current torrid pace. A constant surveillance of the Fed’s Permanent Open Market Operation(POMO) is required if we are to grasp market potential.

The Sad Financial Situation That America Has Found Itself In

America owes so much money to other countries at some point we will have trouble even paying the interest on what we owe. Whether there is a republican or democrat in office, things really do not change much. The spending and debt keeps on increasing, yet they keep talking about reducing both.

What Does the Egypt Crisis Mean to the World Economy?

Different economy watchers have different takes on the Egypt crisis. Certainly, we are not likely to witness a repeat of 1956 Suez Canal crisis. It remains to be seen whether Egypt successfully copes with the turmoil and whether the other vulnerable countries take timely corrective measures to prevent an Egypt-like situation.

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