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Economy Locks Out Employees – Sides Said To Be Far Apart

On Sunday, July 3, the Economy voted to lockout its Employees, barring them from access to jobs, income and millions of adoring fans. The long-expected lockout puts 2012 and beyond in jeopardy and comes as the NFL and NBA are trying to end their own work stoppages that began in March and June respectively. “We’re just not profitable anymore,” said the Economy.

The Age Of De-Leveraging And Other Fun Stuff

If you think prosperity or employment are around the next corner or quarter, think again. America has fully entered the Age of De-leveraging. No, Joe Biden, “Recovery Summer” didn’t materialize in 2010, and neither will it in 2011 or 2012.

The Battle of the Sexes Amidst the Recession

Most everyone has been affected by the recession in some manner, but some experts are beginning to question if women in the workforce are having a harder time getting back into the market. At the same time it is widely speculated that more men lost their jobs then women at the outset of the recession. There is certainly evidence that these trends may be the case although the reasons behind them differ.

Greece In Dire Straits, Help May Come From Abroad

Funds from both Europe and the International Monetary Fund are going to be used to help the struggling country of Greece. Greece was once the center of the world; trade flourished and was literally the house on the hill that everyone looked up to. Challenged only might the might of Rome, Greece was everything an empire should be.

Will Real Wage Inflation in China Cause Stealth Wholesale Inflation in the United States?

Many nations have accused the United States of causing inflation throughout the world. They say that due to our stimulus we put trillions of dollars into the system, and since it all ended up in emerging nations, it hurt their economies, and now they must deal with the inflation. Since that money hasn’t come back to the United States in large amounts, we haven’t experienced the inflation caused from our printing of money.

The Dichotomy of Money

Money is one of those subjects that you can’t get away from. No matter who you talk to, money in some way, will come up. Whether you are thinking about our nation’s economic climate or your personal finances, money is a topic that is very present in our lives.

Why Present Economic Strategies Are Dangerous!

IMF policies will cause long term stagnation of European economies. It is based upon moralistic, unrealistic concepts of economical environments.

Do Not Listen to Anyone’s Opinion on Capitalism Who Hasn’t Run a Business

Over the years, I’ve read a ton of books on economics. In fact I have a whole shelf full of popular economics books. One thing I’ve always considered is that you should never listen to anyone who claims to be an expert on economics if they’ve never run a business in the free market.

Creative Work That Pays Well

In case you might have been hiding under a rock, there is a recession going on and it will take creative work to survive. Many people are out of work and thinking of ways to create income for themselves.

What Should Be the Government’s Role in Unemployment?

The unemployment rate in the United States is too high and 9 to 10% is unacceptable. We cannot have full economic recovery until we get jobs back. Now then, I also believe that unemployment under 6 1/2% is too low, as there is not competition in the job market.

Who Says the Dollar is Dead and Not Respected Globally?

Every time the United States suggests that China should allow their currency to float, and stop manipulating their currency, they tell the United States to “shove it” in so many words stating; the United States needs to stop printing money, stop telling China what to do, and get its own financial house in order. Our US leadership has to listen to this because China owns so much of our debt. Every time there is a little squabble at the G 8 or G 20, China again tells the US to mind their economic policy, and butt out of theirs.

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