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Obama’s Jobs Plan Includes Medical Devices

Over the past few years, the United States of America has been in a recession. Some experts same the recession is over, while others say we are approached another recession very soon. In either case, the president has constantly been fighting the battle. President Obama has stated in many different occurrences that growth in jobs will help get the country out of this slump. Even as he has said this, the country has been losing or gaining less than hoped for jobs. The lack of growth in jobs has left the United States in a stagnant state, where any negative news about the economy spooks everyone. This has proven to be quite detrimental to the stock markets. We have seen the markets both plunge and surge by 5 percent on a day by day basis. It is more than fair to say that the markets are far from stable. President Obama has pumped in billions of dollars into the economy as stimulus packages, but these packages have not helped as much as he had hoped.

The Next Depression Is Imminent – Prepare Immediately

Act immediately, or suffer the consequences of the imminent depression coming our way. Not one of us that lives on the planet will escape it, without feeling the effects in one way or another. Some of us more than others. If you take action now, you can lessen the impact it will have on you and your family.

How To Survive The 2012 Depression

It’s critical to take steps now to prepare for the 2012 depression. Economists are predicting a much more severe depression than the last one, so taking action now to get your affairs in order is crucial.

The National Debt

It happens every four years and is a rite of passage for Americans. Every four years, the American citizenry is given the daunting task and responsibility of electing our next President.

Doomsday Is Upon Us – Will You Survive The 2012 Great Depression?

Next year will see the entire world plummeted into the next great depression, which will be much more severe than the last one, and last a lot long, according to a growing number of economists. Don’t be one of its victims. Take action now or suffer the consequences.

Urgent! The 2012 Depression Due To Arrive Before Christmas – Take Action Now Before It’s Too Late

Urgent! This is an urgent call to action for everyone across the planet to take notice of this warning. The 2012 depression we are going to have beyond all doubt, according to an exponentially increasing number of economists, is on course to arrive before Christmas. You need to take action now before it is too late.

Happy Labor Day!

Today in the United States is one of the handful of national holidays that enjoys nearly universal observance: Labor Day. The first Monday of September, we take a day off to pause in remembrance of the sacrifices and achievements of the American worker….

Renewing Limited Government: Term Limits

In America, the “land of the free,” the government has run amok. The Founders, who fought (and in some cases, died) to leave a country wherein citizens were to rule and the government was supposed to be limited, would be shocked at the size of the behemoth that is the modern federal government. And many states have just as bloated a bureaucracy….

Why It’s Critical To Set Up Another Income Stream Immediately In Preparation For The GFC Round 2

In today’s economy, it is critical to set up another income source. The next economic downturn, which is about to hit us all like a tsunami, will make even the most optimistic of us, stand scratching our heads wondering how things ended up so tragic. Whether you are currently employed, own your own business, or be looking for a job, you do need to get another stream of income organised, before it is too late. You need to ensure an ongoing income source, and continue to plan for your retirement, which could very well be wiped out in the upcoming stock market crash.

The Existing US National Debt

As reported by the Congressional Budget Office, otherwise known as CBO, the United States hit its last surplus in 2001. From fiscal year 2001 to fiscal year 2009, federal government spending has increased by 6.5% of Gross Domestic Product while the taxes declined by 4. Learn more about the national debt by reading this article.

The President Opts For More Of The Same

Obama keeps choosing economic advisers who agree with him. The “change” president keeps offering more of the same.

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