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The Possibility of US Economic Collapse

Is the growing U.S. debt cause of concern? How much further can the proverbial can be kicked down the road before it hits a brick wall?

Development and Limiting Factors of Economic Development in Albania for the Last Three Decades

The coming years should serve as a prelude to the start of the project to long-term sustainable economic development (economic policy) of Albania of tomorrow, based on the model that passes through the four points above, as a theorem that is implemented from all states already, seeking development through the model. How will know us if the government will carry out its duties and will be a factor of economic growth developer? The answer can be found in monitoring the quality of governance (World Bank) that could be measured through accountability, political stability, absence of state violence, effectiveness of governance, institutional framework, implementation of laws at full capacity, and control of corruption.

Beyond Aristotelian Monetary Properties

This article examines the four properties Aristotle required money to have: durability, portability, divisibility, and intrinsic value. It shows his mistake in requiring money to have an intrinsic value as also his omission of many other, truly required monetary properties. Furthermore, it introduces the distinction between the only absolutely required property of money and all its remaining, relatively required ones.

Keeping Assad in Power Is the Only Way to Peace in Syria

To understand the extent of complexity in the Syrian conflict, some of the views of Jamil Sawda, a Syria specialist, in his August 29, 2013 interview with ABC news are examined. Who is supporting whom, and what comes next for the country. His views as an expert on the subject are quite similar to mine and are used in expressing and fortifying my views.

A Dove Takes Wing At The Fed

As Fed chair, Janet Yellen might be a voice of economic reason among Democrats. It isn’t likely, but we can hope.

Beware The Downward Drag of a Socialist Run Economy

Socialism looks pretty good on paper, I bet many might read all about it and duly sign up. Unfortunately, socialism doesn’t work you see. It certainly won’t work here in the US, in fact, it hasn’t, just as it didn’t work in the EU, Venezuela, Argentina or a host of other nations, now failed. Are we doomed to repeat? I’d like to discuss this with you.

Rich Bullies Versus Obama Care for the Poor and Underpriviledged

Australians have experienced the same debate as happening now over Obama Care. We were able to achieve Medical Care for all under the Whitlam Government in the early 1970’s when it had control of both houses. The world waits with baited breath for common sense to prevail in the United States and for the bullying against those who will benefit the most from this bill to cease.

The Extreme Real Costs In Dollars of the Government Shut Down

Well, in October of 2013 the government shut down for failure to produce a budget, and by October 17, 2013 they’d run out of money, and effectively be unable to pay for the things they’d promised to pay. Sound familiar? Yes, Detroit, Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, and Puerto Rico, and well you are beginning to see the picture right? What do all those places have in common? They were run into the ground due to runaway spending, and a socialist mindset. Yes, this is a very important topic, so let’s discuss it shall we?

So, Is the Sky Really Falling?

So, is the sky really falling? Or is a lone bird circling overhead, dropping nasty messages on our heads?

Price, Competition, Free-Markets and Price Selection – Government Intervention and Standardization

I’d like to talk to you about economics and monopolies in free-markets, but before I start I am in the Milton Freidman, Adam Smith, Ayn Rand, and Thomas J. Dilorenzo camp, which lets you know where I am coming from. I am a retired franchisor. Let’s talk about the subject in the title above.

If You Need A Villain, Look Outside

The New York Times sees abuse in trading of ethanol credits. Others would see market forces compensating for sloppy regulation.

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