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Progressivism Isn’t Progress, XII

Taking the country back from the progressives is the biggest project we’ve ever faced – even bigger than the World Wars and the Great Depression (which many now believe was caused by the very governmental intrusion that purported to “solve” it). In fact, in the progressive movement, America may finally have met her match. We may well end up willingly destroying ourselves, generations after other “super power” regimes learned the same lessons we’re about to learn the hard way…

The Boom, the Bust, and the Rate of Interest

Generations of Americans have been persuaded to believe that America’s economy has been running amok for too long. They’ve been told that capitalism failed and the powerful booms and busts were the result of the unrestrained wild market. Ask just about any banker what causes changes in the interest rates and I’m not sure you’ll find one that will give you a close to accurate description of such event. Therefore, it is my desire to clarify the action that sets the interest rate in motion and its direct impact of the boom/bust business cycles that affect the world’s economic climate.

2012 University Center Economic Development Program Competition

The Economic Development Administration, otherwise known as EDA, is a federal government agency operating within the United States Department of Commerce that is mostly responsible for providing grants to economically challenged communities in an effort to help generate new job opportunities, aid in keeping existing jobs and stimulating economic and commercial growth. The grants and initiatives of the EDA are all aimed towards the awareness of its primary agency mission which is to”lead the federal business development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness, preparing American regions for growth and success in the global economy.” In accordance…

FHA Rolling Out New Program

For many affordable housing developers, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is more representative of bureaucratic red tape than effective housing support. Though the FHA is legally allowed to insure tax credit-based financing for housing projects, its administrative processes are often too cumbersome to be beneficial. As a result, developers avoid the department altogether, leaving millions of dollars in potential funding on the table. In an effort to address those issues, the FHA is rolling out a tax credit pilot program this spring.

Rent-Seeking Behaviour

One of our favourite imported goods store, Silver Palate, is closing down after 6 years in operation. This has been a favourite neighbourhood store for the expatriates living here for its fair prices (compared to many other imported goods stores), and a chat with the clerk revealed that the landlord wanted to raise rents triple. Similarly, book stores are closing one by one in Singapore – Borders, Harris and Page One, one by one.

Wealth Pie Distribution Effect on Economic Growth

The forest was in chaos. Parts of it were burning and the food was scarce. The animals went to seek advise from an old owl on how to reset the forest’s economy.

Blues For Box Stores

Box stores started to gain real power and importance with the closing of much of American manufacturing. American jobs were exported, cheap foreign products were imported, America got used to paying less for their stuff and the box stores sold the products for less. A new retail selling entity has arrived.

Why Do We Plan?

The straight answer is because we want to influence the future to our benefit. Once we decide what we want, we plan to achieve it.

Progressivism Isn’t Progress, XI

Last week, the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held in Washington, D.C. It surprised no one that there were several protestors on hand, trucked in by left-leaning community organizers… what did surprise some was the honesty with which a handful of those protestors answered questions from a conservative talk host’s representative….

Greece’s Pseudo-Devaluation

Greece’s suffering may be for naught while the country uses the euro. The latest austerity is a pseudo-devaluation.

Inflation and the Dollar Crisis

The rate of inflation in the United States has been steadily rising. The inflationary rate is a major, if not the key fundamental factor in determining the actual value of your money. The actual net worth of your dollars can be translated into how much purchasing power your dollars have for buying various goods and services over time.

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