Shutting Down Easter & Vilifying Voter ID

Understanding the Price of Scrap Metal

Selling scrap metal to a recycling center that specializes in metal is a highly-recommended method for earning a decent profit. Learn what you need to know about scrap metal prices right here!

The Collector’s Marketplace Values And The Decline Of Value On Items We Saved For Increasing Value

The reality is the democrats are getting paid by the corporations and wealthy to raise taxes on them that will destroy small businesses and divert “All” the wealth in the U.S. to the corporations and wealthy. As the economy sinks due to greedy businesses using foreign labor and a government that feeds its pockets off of the greedy corporations the economy dives to a level that the wealthy businessmen and women are satisfied with. These wealthy business men and women do their best to keep the general public that’s not business at a wealth level where they cannot create competition against them and then to boot the general public will have to buy their corporate products exclusively because there’s nothing else. This scenario has been found out to be corporations and wealthy business personalities purchasing democrat politicians and paying these democrat politicians to raise taxes that in fact destroy their “Small Business” competition.

We Cannot Have Free-Markets Without Freedom – He Said

The problem with the progressive agenda is that it is largely a socialist based mindset, and socialism doesn’t work, so it isn’t progressive at all – rather, it is regressive. Free-Markets like Freedom itself are worthy of defending, for without the free contract, you have forced contract, that is to say you are forced to spend your money on choices premade for you by some other authority, like a government for instance. Recently, I had a heated discussion about this reality with a fellow think tanker, then another think tank member spoke up and said;

Why I Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton’s Economic Strategies Outlined During 2016 Presidential Campaign

Before Hillary Clinton revealed her regurgitated plan to help grow the economy again — at something better than 1.2% which is all the Obama Administration could muster after all that wasted TARP stimulus, alternative energy push, and equality mandates — she told her voters that she would be putting Bill Clinton in charge of the economy. Unfortunately, this is the same man who feel asleep during her acceptance speech – and who knows who he’ll be sleeping with while running the economy if she’s elected.

The Dawn Of A New, But Black Day

In the not too distant future, America is going to wake up, probably on a Monday morning, and find at least half of their wealth wiped away. A Day of Reckoning is coming and the people will be facing a financial tsunami that they never saw coming. Am I just illustrating a pessimistic attitude and you think dear reader that this could never happen in the good ole U.S.A.? WRONG!

The Collapsing Consumer Could Hasten a Recession

The U.S. economy limped along in the second quarter solely on consumer strength. Will that strength return for the third quarter and avoid a recession? Don’t hold your breath.

The Great Credit Crash

With so much attention focused on the Olympics and the Presidential election lies in wait the most severe financial crisis of our times. A financial crisis so severe 99% of all Americans will be financially devastated. They will in fact be far worse off than those who experienced the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

How Much Do the Global Warming Alarmists Want to Tax the Global Economy?

No matter that Global Warming is only a theory, the IPCC wants to hijack international trade, shipping, energy, transportation and anything else these elite global socialists can get their hands on. A few of the IPCC’s most outrageous leaders actually blame capitalism for being too efficient and creating too much abundance and thus using too much energy and using up too many resources as the prime culprit – their answer – kill capitalism to save the planet.

Government’s Job Is to Regulate Business and Manage Money Supply and Save Planet

Our Federal and State Governments keep growing and seem to be involved in all aspect of human life on Earth, often to the point of absurdity. Most people actually believe that expansion of the government makes a more safe and stable economy, environment, and society – but that is a fallacy. Our government seems to want to rule the world, save the planet, and control everything, heck, you’d think we were living in Communist China these days.

Chinese Robotic Factory Manufacturing Is Putting Even the Lowest Wage Employees Out of Work

Proponents of a minimum wage increase say it will not affect jobs, corporations or small businesses adversely. Well, I suppose that a slight increase in minimum wage wouldn’t and it might keep the masses happy, but it won’t be a net positive, every little increase will affect businesses, profits, capital investment and jobs. Let’s talk a little bit about economics 101 and then let me light a fire under your rear with a robotic future reality if minimum wage increases are too drastic.

A Brief History of Rural Banking in China

Three-quarters of China’s population still resides in the countryside. Low-income rural residents in China relied heavily on their access to the formal credit market to maintain their basic livelihoods, while those in peri-urban areas depend on credit access to improve their living standards. Since the early 1980s, the central government in China has been working to reform 35,000 Rural Credit Cooperatives (RCCs) nationwide-the mainstay of formal credit throughout rural China-to ensure that they are better able to serve the credit needs and demands of local communities.

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