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You Know the Economy is Bad When the Thrift Store Cannot Afford Their Lease and Closes

Okay so, one of my fun things to do in retirement is going to used book stores to supplement my home library, and save a few “duckets” due to the outrageous cost of new books. Since I am a hobby writer, I need a constant quick source of references, on all the topics I write on, about 750 subjects in all. Well, while I was out and about today, I noticed one of my favorite Thrift Stores in the town next door, the one with the best selection of used books was closing.

Cheque Please! Your 2011 City Budget

The following is currently taking place in my small corner of the world, but the story is probably the same where you live. Your corner may be a bigger city or a smaller township, but in these days tough times are to be had by all.  Many are of the opinion that even though the times are challenging, at least with the Democrats in control, a real effort is being made to make the so-called rich pay their fair share of the tab.

Is Globalisation Really a New Trend?

Some financial history following the impact of various international finances last week – Greece, the Euro, the GFC, drop in AUD. We often hear that if the USA sneezes the world catches a cold.

Engines of Affluence: Investing for the Apocalypse

You may think that things have reached a desperate pass for the cause of freedom and prosperity in the world. But wait, here comes Ellsworth Monkton Toohey with a solution. Are you canny enough to take the bait?

Economic Outlook and Debt Reduction

Recent forecasts have reduced the projected growth in many regional economies. While this presents challenges for organizations, it also presents opportunities for improving overall fiscal health.

Is The Expected US Recovery A Lie?

With all the talk amongst the global media and analysts about a recovery, banks are in trouble, foreclosures are increasing and many people are failing to see the so called recovery. Was this recovery just one big lie?

Is There A Big Economic Storm Brewing?

Now Late in 2010 the reality has sunk in. There really is not economic recovery. But Will you be able to survive what is coming?

Obama’s Stimulus Package Helping American Citizens Out

Many analysts of the economy agree that it’s not getting worse, it’s just getting better very slowly. The so-called “stimulus package” seemed to do the trick, though politically remains a disaster.

Foreclosure Foul-Ups Further Delay Recovery

The root of the mortgage crisis is the fact that millions of Americans bought homes they could not afford. To put the crisis behind us, we have to get those people into homes they can afford, either to buy or to rent. In many cases, this means we must allow their former homes to go to those with bigger budgets. The sooner we accept this inescapable fact, the sooner our economy will escape the gravitational pull of housing’s black hole.

Change and Unbalances

Lao is an agrarian country where the agriculture represents 80% of the subsistence economy for the majority of households. This means that people eat what they cultivate and sell a surplus which approximately represents only 10 to 15% of the production. These trends are about to change.

The End of Social Security As We Know It

On September 30th (circa 2010), America will quietly begin a generational shift. This will be the final day of the government’s fiscal year 2010, and consequentially, a very notable day for Social Security (SS). September 30 will be the last day, maybe for a long time, that Social Security could possibly be operating at a surplus.

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