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What Really Happened To The US Economy?

For most of the twentieth century, the American economy was considered the “rock” that all economic indexes and guides were based on. The worldwide pricing of most of the world’s commodities, such as gold, silver, oil, corn, etc., have been priced based on the U.S. dollar.

Government Takeover: Oh, So Close

It has taken over a hundred years, but the progressives have patiently handed down their vision, through the generations. But instead of a vision of edification, it’s a vision of evolutionary destruction – destruction of the constitutional republic that is America – destruction of the greatest free-enterprise opportunity-generating machine the world has ever known.

Next Super Country Is India, Not China?

Which will be the next super country, China or India? Many people say China makes magic economy, but India doesn’t. But the others adopt opposite opinion.

Can a Solar Flare Cause Economic Collapse?

In September of 1859, Richard Carrington, England’s premier solar astronomer at the time, was drawing on some paper the sun spots he was observing projected on a screen by his telescope. Suddenly, what later came to be known as a white light solar flare blossomed forth over the sunspots and rapidly intensified.

Is Inflation A Good Or Bad Thing, And Other Lies, Distortions, And Half-Truths?

Economics, economic theories, and political realities often cross paths, and make many people wonder what’s going on. We have offered heard about the dangers of inflation, the dangers of recession, and other similar terminology, yet most of us will hear the media, and especially the business media, one day warn of the risk of inflation, and another day cite the lower than anticipated inflation rate as something to be concerned about. There are even different sets of indexes, one that includes core items (whatever that really means) and another that measures the inflation rate including energy costs.

Can US Economy Be Revived?

The US economy is the largest economy in the world and right now it is suffering from a severe economic crisis. Generations of failed policies and lack of good leadership has lead us to this crisis. Our leaders have failed to understand the reality of the situation and have lead us to a position where reviving our economy to its former glory seems impossible.

US Financial Collapse

The US financial collapse has left the whole world’s economy on the brink of economic turmoil. The US economy is the world’s largest economy. Can something as great as this have a collapse.

Will The Dollar Collapse?

A few experts have been predicting the dollar collapse for a long time now. The value of the US dollar has been steadily decreasing over the years. The financial crisis due to the housing bubble’s collapse has caused a complete slowdown in the economy.

Recession Is Here Again

The US economy is right now in a state of recession. A recession is an economic crisis of a country’s economy that lasts for a certain time frame. If a country has shown about 10% decrease in its GDP over 3 or 4 years then the country is suffering from recession.

Will the Economy Collapse

Is the world’s largest economy headed for a collapse? Can the government prevent this recession from getting worse? These are the questions that arise when we see the situation our economy is in right now.

The Future of Our Multi-Cultural Societies

In a global World, many of our cities and larger urban areas are in reality the true picture of a 21st century multicultural society. International cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Moscow, New York, Shanghai and Singapore are the face of the new global societies we live in.

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