Super Bowl Mask Hypocrisy Exposed

Should The Government Re-Mutualise Northern Rock?

When answering a question from Gareth Thomas MP about the potential for re-mutualising Northern Rock as an exit method for the nationalised bank David Cameron expressed support for the idea of “restoring the link between taking deposits and providing loans”. The Vox Populi survey of bank customers validates this support as it has found a mutual (Nationwide) to be the top bank for Customer Engagement.

Tony Robbins’ Economic Waring: A Warning From Tony Robbins About the Current Economic Situation

This article carries the message of Tony Robbins’ economic warning. It is going to discuss what is happening in the market today and what we can all do to protect ourselves and keep us living in abundance no matter what happens. Tony Robbins’ economic warning is not meant to instill fear, rather it is just a heads up to give you a chance to position yourself to live in abundance always.

FDI Levels in the Period 1870-1914: Why England Was Lending So Much

The 19th century marked a period of unprecedented change in favor of a world economy, especially during the second half of the century. These changes were due in no small part to the actions taken by Britain, such as the free trade policy it took circa 1846, as well as unsurpassed levels of foreign investment after 1870. To fully appreciate the importance of the high level of international investment during the period 1870-1914, as well as Britain’s critical involvement in this phenomenon, involves a deeper understanding of the dynamic changes occurring at this time and its lead-in to the growth of an international economy.

How Did the International Economy Recover From WWII?

From a geopolitical and socioeconomic perspective, the end of World War II marked a beginning of a new era in which the international community showed great resolve to work together in restoring the international economy. This is evident through international institutions that developed over the period 1944 to 1947 with broad goals of reconstruction in Europe, removal of barriers to trade, and exchange rate stability. These initiatives had varying levels of success, but were all effective in one outstanding regard: instilling overarching faith and reliance in the market system.

The Neoclassical Growth Model and Global Poverty

When using any economic model to portray a real world problem and to study the effects of various resolutions, the usefulness of the model is most contingent upon its ability to simulate the real world without excessive oversimplification. One of the questions this may lead to is whether or not the neoclassical growth model is a useful tool for economists and policymakers in understanding global poverty and developing policies to reduce poverty.

A Look at the World’s Economic Situation Today

Today’s economic situation creates ideal opportunities for angel investors and venture capitalists. It was reported that the world’s economy today may appear to be improving statistically but many believe that the global economic conditions are only getting worse.

Crude Oil Prices and Its Impact on the Overall Economy

There is no question that individuals far and wide are being impacted by the escalating price of fuel, which is really a direct consequence of the rise in imported oil costs. While consumers who pump the fuel into their tanks had been the first to start reeling from these increased prices, it has not taken very long for all consumers, even those that don’t own a vehicle, to start feeling the effects of high fuel costs, as reflected in increased expenses on nearly everything sitting on the store shelves. Ultimately, the rising cost associated with oil will affect the…

What You Don’t Know About Money Is Making You Broke

Sometimes they say ignorance is bliss, but on this occasion not being in “the know” is costing you more money than you can possibly imagine. In fact, it’s making you broke! We have a system that is geared to keep you on the hamster wheel in debt. Unless you know how to break yourself free like the wealthy 1%, you’ll never escape.

Capitalism and Environment

Economic equations omit the value of nature. That has resulted in negative effects all around.

From Inflation to Hyperinflation – Should We Really Protect Ourselves?

Which of us doesn’t know that “inflation” is when the prices of everyday goods keep going up? Yes, we all know at least something about it.

Do You Know What the Rich Know About Money?

As it stands right now, there’s a high degree of uncertainty about the economic future of the United States. The stock markets seem to be getting more volatile as the days pass. Also, there’s a big problem and very seem to even be speaking about it and it deals with money. I’m not speaking about the lack thereof, I’m referring to the fact that money (US bills) don’t have any REAL value or backing. Continue reading…

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