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Economic Crisis 2011 – Things That Could Trigger It

#1 – China – China injected tons of liquid funds into their economy. For a minute it looked like their economy was rebounding while the rest of the world was slowly sinking into more and more uncertainty. However, China had to resort to raising interest rates in an effort to control inflation.

10 Ways to Prepare For the Coming Economic Collapse

#1 – Start Preparing Now – It’s never too early to start preparing. Because once the economic collapse happens, it will be too late. In other words, everything that you read below should be taken seriously.

Economic Effects Of Payroll Taxes (FICA Tax In The US)

This article explores the effects that payroll taxes, taxes on wages, salaries, and contract payments, have on an economy. The article discusses the FICA tax, the primary payroll tax in the U.S., and then explores the economic effects of these taxes. The article argues that payroll taxes have several negative effects on the economy, including preventing job creation, hindering business and economic activity, and preserving disparities of wealth or hindering wealth mobility. The article concludes with a suggestion that most other forms of tax, including a flat income tax, are preferable to payroll tax.

Understanding Government Spending in the U.S. And Its History

Are you interested in learning more about the spending habits of the United States? This brief article will tell you and the history of government spending and help you understand our financial system.

A Vote For Capitalism Or Corporatism

So I say, by all means be liberal if you are. By all means be conservative if you are. I ask, when it is time for your vote to be cast, that you seriously review the damage corporate power and influence has had on our nation in the last 10 years. Please consider not voting based on liberal or conservative principles now. Our country is being overtaken by a power so great, that soon it may be too late to restore “government by the people.”

Precursors To An Economic Collapse

Most of us encounter economic collapse as news which flashes across the screen with images of harrowed stock marketers and the plunging stock markets. But this is definitely not a one day event which surfaces all of a sudden. There are various precursors which eventually lead towards a complete breakdown in not only the economic but also the Political and Civil machinery.

Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore

Describes why Banks have not been lending and what they have been doing with all the QE1 & QE2 money which the FED provided them. Offers solutions to bringing down the national debt and fixing the economy.

World Economy Rolling Toward Total Collapse

It seems that the World Economy Rolling Toward Total Collapse is getting closer to happening now, as we have been forecasting. The situation is quite dire. Even though many pundits out there are saying the market is feeling it, they have it wrong, the global stock markets having nothing to do with the real economy.

What Is an Economic Collapse?

An economic collapse is said to surface in case of a complete breakdown of the regional, territorial and national economic machinery. This situation is featured by an incessant spike in unemployment and bankruptcy being filed by the citizens of the nation. Chronic depression is another major sign of this economic condition.

Conspiracy Theories on US Debt Downgrade Considered

Well, it looks as if Standard & Poor’s has downgraded the US debt, as they promised they might. Although this is only one major credit rating agency, it is a significant event, as it is the first time that a credit rating agency has lowered US debt in the history of our country (credit ratings for US Treasuries have been graded since 1917). Indeed such a major event as this also causes conspiracy theorists to come out of the woodwork, and put in their two cents.

Government Figures on Rising Health Care Costs Unrealistic

The Obama Administration promised us that ObamaCare would lower Medicare costs, provide health insurance for everyone, and fix our health care system in the United States. Obviously, it has done none of that, and we see that health care costs have increased 8% per year since Obama took office, with no end in sight on that graph. There was an interesting article recently in Positive Futurist Online News titled; “Medical advances predicted for next 20 years will lower health costs,” written by Dick Pelletier which noted; “The US Congressional Budget Office predicts health spending will rise from…

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