Tensions Rise in Kenosha Amid Pending Verdict

A Look Over The Edge Of The Fiscal Cliff

Can we hope for a soft landing if we tumble over the fiscal cliff? I think so, but we’d better buckle our financial seat belts anyway, because the next few months are going to bring us a bumpy ride politically – and perhaps financially, as well.

Factors Responsible For High Inflation Rates in India

Cost of living has increased tremendously due to high inflation rates in India; the unprecedented rise in prices have made life difficult for a common Indian living in a modern city with limited income sources. A country which believed in “treat guest like god” is now unable to bear the cost of their own daily expenses, then how can they think about welcoming guests. How did it all happen, what are the factors which are responsible for this new trend, is it a sign of a progressive nation or a nation doomed to fall? Economists blame fluctuating demand and supply, but is this the only factor, aren’t there other factors responsible for this trend. Let’s find out more about the causes of inflationary trends in India.

Why Should Citizens Pay More Taxes To A Bone Head Government That Wastes the Money?

Is it just me or do you find it alarming that President Obama is running around a swing state promising people in Ohio that he can balance the budget with no cuts to social services, the military, and perhaps even bail out the college tuition fund, government underfunded pensions, and pay for everyone’s food stamps, healthcare, and whatever else he’s offering this week, perhaps an iPhone 5 and iPad for every voter? Of course, he finally admits he will be raising taxes because he plans on doing cuts and increasing revenue. That’s a big problem for taxpayers.

Mitt Romney’s Economic Plan for the Future – Is It Worth The Paper It Is Written On

During the first presidential debate in 2012 at the University of Colorado in Colorado, Mitt Romney put forth part of his economic plan for the future of our country. His economic plans are hardly secret because he’s been talking about them for over eight years now. Interestingly enough, they haven’t changed all that much, but they do get quite a bit of critique from the opposition party, that is to say the Obama Administration and the Democrats.

How Long Can the US Continue to Spend in Excess of $1 Trillion More Than We Take in Taxes?

You are probably well aware that our federal government is now spending $1 trillion more each year than they take in. What you may not know is this; four trillion dollars since the Obama Administration has been in office is almost equal to the amount of government deficit spending if you total up the amount of all of the previous presidents combined. No, I understand that that is comparing apples to oranges, as the value of money has also changed over that same time period. Nevertheless it is a very troubling thought. I’d like to take this to the next level in a very quick intellectual conversation if you have the time.

What Is Trickle Down Government?

During the first Presidential Debates of 2012 hosted on October 3, 2012 Governor Mitt Romney challenged President Barack Obama on his various investments in companies like Solyndra, stating that the government ought to support research and development but not choose the winners and losers, or in this case as one of his friends called it; “choosing the losers” because so many of the guaranteed loans for alternative energy had failed, and $90 billion dollars of taxpayers money had been wasted on failed energy projects. It’s hard to say if Governor Romney had coined the phrase, but it was very politically expedient when he used it during the debate; “trickle down government” and it fit his explanation very well.

Why Is Our Official Unemployment Rate Over 8%?

Our official unemployment rate right now is well over 8% in the summer of 2012 and in the third quarter. I say official unemployment rate because the actual unemployment rate is quite a bit higher. You see, they do not count those who have run out of unemployment benefits and are no longer eligible. This also doesn’t include people that have taken very low-paying jobs just so they can afford to maintain some semblance of their previous lifestyle and are severely under employed. It also doesn’t account for those who have taken early retirements, buyout packages, or have just stopped looking until the economy gets better.

Why Does Our Federal Government Spend a Trillion Dollars a Year in Excess of What It Takes In?

You may not realize this but the reason that our founding fathers created the federal government was to pool the resources of the states for a common defense. That’s right the primary goal of the federal government is to protect the American people from enemies both foreign and domestic. It is amazing that our current president claims to be a constitutional scholar with a law degree. Why that amazes me is because he doesn’t appear to understand the basic tenants of the document itself.

The Equitable Distribution of Profits

It’s not fair to call workers freeloaders, because those who do are the ones that have kept their wages stagnant for decades. The CEOs and upper management are receiving bloated compensation packages at the expense of the workers and stockholders. Workers are not an expense because they invest their time and effort in a company for both wages and hopes that their continued good service will give their life financial stability. Here I have suggested an equitable way to distribute profits to stockholders, upper management, and workers.

What Are the Responsibilities of Citizens in an Economic Crisis?

Authorities report more meltdown on Main Street. Can you cope with the stress of higher food and gas prices? Can you live daily knowing that you can no longer find your dream much less live it? The motivational speakers tell you that thoughts become things, and the law of attraction can bring wealth, if you just visualize what you want and hold that vision consistently. Is this true? What if there is a piece of that puzzle missing? What if you have had that missing piece of the puzzle since birth, regardless of your circumstances? And what if through this maze of depression in pre-poverty you learned where to find that lost puzzle piece? If you have the answer, will you listen? Probably not, because the answer is simple and you feel you live in complicated circumstances not of your choosing. Yet, these circumstances exist because of choices made. You chose to do it your way, and lost. Now the national and global communities are facing traumatic consequences. Is it too late?

Uzbekistan: One of the World’s Fastest-Growing Economies

Uzbekistan is one of the world’s youngest countries – earning independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, and holding its first parliamentary elections three years later, Uzbekistan is full of potential and opportunity. Many economists agree that the nation is home to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and should be on everyone’s list as one of the emerging markets of the 21st century. But the question a potential investor should ask is ‘why?’ What is it about Uzbekistan leaving investors champing at the bit to get in on the action? The simplest answer to that question is resources.

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