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Profit From New Economic Data

Recent economic reports indicate which sectors will recover more quickly than others. Find out how you can take advantage of this information to improve your personal future.

America and the Doctrine of the Last Chance

The History Channel cooks up a nice pot of Nostradamus and eschatological soup with their multi episodic “The Nostradamus Effect.” As usual their best is salted with doubt, dissing and secularist expertise that would be better used in a college course entitled “Unbelief 101.”

How to Bring Our Original Society-Friendly Thai Economy Back

Thailand has long been a peaceful agricultural society. As her land is very fertile, Thailand has long been capable of growing a lot of rice and a great exporter of rice. In history, the capital of Thailand once was Ayutthaya.

The Demographic Cycle and the Likely Effect on the Economy

Economics are cyclical there is no question. Moreover, there are clearly shorter and longer cycles. Recently, I saw the idea of an 80 year cycle ending in a very deep dip. This discussion maintains that this is where the economy is today. Certainly, this is a more painful period than we’ve faced before and the idea deserves attention.

Five Fast Developing Industries That Can Expand Our Economies

We are still in the critical years of immense economic change, as new innovative industries are slowly expanding to meet our future needs. What are these industries? And how do we benefit from them?

Open Market Operations – Fed’s Key Tool in Monetary Policy

Federal Reserve’s monetary policy influences short term and long term flow of money and hence effecting overall spending patterns of various sectors in the economy. Open Market Operations (OMO) are one of Fed’s most frequently used tools in implementing its monetary policy. Read on to know how these operations are conducted and how they influence money flow in the economy.

I Stand For Justice – Inasmuch As Ye Have Done it Unto One of the Least

The national average unemployment rate is 9.5%, nonetheless there is still debate on whether to extend unemployment benefits. Due to the state of our economy, federal law had allowed the usual safety-net of 26 weeks of unemployment insurance coverage to be extended to 99 weeks.

Laying Off Teachers Today is Very Bad For Tomorrow

Why Laying off teachers today will impact the education level of our kids tomorrow. If kids are poorly educated tomorrow, how on earth can they consider retirement?

A Tale of Debts, Hangovers and the Economy

Retailers in the U.S. are having a difficult time this year. Sales are down at the retail stores, as consumers are being very cautious with their spending. Even Internet sales are weaker than the experts had predicted.

9 Ways on How to Survive the Great Depression 2.0 Coming

With many people asleep to the tricks and lies that have been coming from the government over the last decade. Few people realize the great depression coming and have formulated a plan to help them keep their head above the water when the SHFT.

Queen Relieves Her People

Now even The Queen pull’s up her socks to save pennies. With more than six million people residing in Britain, the taxes of the royals drops down by 7 pennies on every single citizen in Britain.

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