Terror On the Prairie: Stunts, Guns & Special Effects

Confronting the Entitlement Crisis – Why Social Security May Be America’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor and long-time Chairman of conglomerate colossus Berkshire Hathaway, emphatically stated in 2002 that derivatives were “time bombs, both for the parties that deal in them and the economic system”. Given the deleterious role these securities had in the recent economic crisis, the “Oracle of Omaha” certainly evinces prescience in addition to his mythic business acumen. Yet, what will likely choke off economic growth in the U.S., and by percolation, usher in global economic disequilibria, is managing mammoth entitlement benefits due to – or rather, promised to – millions of Americans over not only a year or two, but decades in their lifetimes, once they face thorny existential episodes such as illness, old age, disability, or loss of employment.

Recovering From the Downturn Through Fundamental Economics

Economics is a subject that influences everybody’s life. The world revolves around money; therefore, the subject is of interest to every person.

Innovative Solutions For Today’s Economy

Premier Marketing Services is a unique company, established in an effort to give people solutions to the struggles they are facing due to changes in the recent economy. Our company was founded by a team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Deficits Not the Problem – They Are the Solution!

Deficits have in the modern era been the only effective tool the federal government has had in its arsenal to fight recessions, and especially serious declines such as during the Great Depression. So are federal deficits the problem today, or the solution?

What Causes Economic Depressions?

With the recent economy, many are curious about what causes depressions. Learn what some of the leading causes are for this economic problem.

Towards Knowledge-Based Economic Communities in Africa

About half a century ago, African leaders established the Organization of African Unity partly to promote socio-economic structures aimed at improving the welfare of the citizens and general integration of the continent. But owing to decades of political tensions and weak economic infrastructures, the goals have not materialized.

Bulldozing Houses

An incisive commentary on how the long term effects of bankruptcy contribute to social destabilization. How the “Sub Prime Crisis” has altered normal social order.

Signs of Global Sanity? Sharing of Innovative Agricultural Solutions to Help Farmers and Consumers

Food security and food scarcity are important issues for the planet and for the environment. Signs of hope from a conference in Cairo on sharing global agricultural solutions, including sustainable agriculture, use of low-chem bio-agricultural products and innovative finance that could point the way to a better future for us all. It illustrates the usefulness of R & D companies in developing low chem solutions for agriculture.

Financial Innovation, Technology, Regulation and Public Policy

As the recent financial crisis begins to fade from memory we are starting to see behaviors in the world of financial innovation reverting to old methods and practices. Is it a good thing? Perhaps…

Confidence is the Spark!

Interesting word, confidence. We’re all supposed to have it, as part of our necessary self-esteem. However, it seems that civic duty not to overindulge plays a part, because if one abuses or betrays a confidence, that’s bad.

A V-Shaped Recovery For Canada

The Canadian economy suffered a downturn with the rest of the world in 2009 during this Great Recession, which saw our country eliminate more than 321,000 jobs and watched consumers struggle to makes ends meet. It seems, however, that the country has been underestimated as it continues to come back stronger than any of the analysts predicted.

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