The Attack That Changed California Forever

Car Sales and Economic Retail Sales – Know the Reality of Economic Indicator Figures

During the Bush Administration auto sales were added into retail figures, and I figure this was to boost sagging retail sales figures during the turn of the century when we really needed help with consumer confidence. The auto sales are still in the mix today, even though they are not doing us any favors when judging actual retail sales. One question might be; should auto sales really be thrown into the retail sales mix? Many believe so, as sales tax is charged in each auto sale, and if you keep those numbers out then sales tax does not jive with retail sales figures.

World Economic Outlook As of April 2010

Capital is flowing into emerging economies. Inflation pressures have lessened but they may still rear their ugly head. The global demand is leveling out and we are starting to see a rebalancing taking place.

The 2010 Budget – What Does it Mean?

After slashing almost $1 billion worth of incentive programs designed to help entrepreneurs during the 2008 budget in favor of increasing the Centrelink assistance given to carers and those on a disability pension, the Rudd Government followed the 2009 budget up by announcing some initiatives to assist small business in a minor way. The foremost of these is a boost to the small business tax breaks available for buying assets before the end of June 2009 up from 30% to 50%.

Benefits of Economic Recession – Are There Any?

Are you puzzled about the benefits of economic recession, and wonder how in the world anyone can benefit from such a mess? In this article I want to share with you 4 strong benefits that we sometimes don’t see or even think about.

What is Up With the Economy in Mid 2010?

Not long ago, I was talking to a “Double Dipper Doom and Gloomer” on the economic issues which face our nation. That is the term I give to folks who let the negative news in the media effect their view of the future. Right now, I’d say about 75% of the US population is thinking like this, I am fortunately not one of them, but one could say I am merely a “Dooms Day Denier and a Overly Optimistic Observer” and well maybe I am.

Garage Inventors and Local Incubators For Economic Growth Considered

Garage Startups have the advantage of doing more with less, but it is very easy to outgrow a garage, this I can attest too. But even before that happens these innovators, the life-blood of new ideas and concepts need assistance. So, this is why local incubators of technology and new concepts with commercial value need to exist. In some places they do, but not to the degree needed to allow the US to stay at peak performance.

Economic Development Incubator Strategies Discussed

We need a new model for local innovation centers to spur on economic growth in the US, and we need to take this to on a micro-scale, at the municipality level. Let me explain such a potential scenario and you decide what you think.

Capitalism Is Great – Stop Complaining About It!

Many folks in the United States feel guilty because we have so much abundance in our society and civilization. They buy into this notion that since we only have a small percentage of the Earth’s human population, that it is insane that we use one-third of the energy. These same folks think that it is terrible that we end up wasting so much, when people are starving in third-world nations.

Five More Years of Pain

The economy of the United States has shed more than 8 million jobs in the last two years. If and when the American economy can sustain the production of 300,000 jobs each and every month, we will be on our way to re-creating those lost jobs, but at that rate it will take more than five years to do so.

God, Country and Gold – Why Global Economies Are Failing

12 step programs speak frequently for the need of a “Higher Power” in one’s life to overcome addictions and the problems they cause. For many of us, God is that Higher Power. As a higher power – there are many things I look to God for. He sets many of the rules I try to live my life by. He helps define right and wrong and generally puts constraints around acceptable behavior. Is there a ‘Higher Power’ of economics?

What is a Recession? Get Your Answers Here!

Are you suffering because of this recession? In this article we will talk about what is a recession, what causes recessions, the causes of the current recession and some Characteristics of a recession and what you can do to beat it. After reading this article you should have a sound understanding of what a recession entails.

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