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Communism Misunderstood in America: Theory of Historical Materialism, Part III

The theory of dialectical materialism is more likely Marx’s greatest contribution in historical and social sciences. Materialism is a continuous evolutionary process. His method is an attempt to comprehend the nature of change, transformation of all that is becoming without losing the essence of that it is. This relates all changes in human and community relationship to development of material means and relationship in class struggle.

Communism Misunderstood in America – Part II: Marx, His Personality and Background

To properly visualize Marx’s enormous contribution to humanity and science, it is imperative to learn a bit about his personality and background. Karl Marx (1818-1883) was born in Trier, Germany as the oldest son of a middle-class prosperous Jewish family. During his youth, he suffered the sting of German anti-Semitism and witnessed the hypocrisy of his father, a lawyer, in adapting Christianity for commercial reasons. He was disowned by his mother, an orthodox Jew, upon learning that he has become as atheist.

Communism Misunderstood in America: A Perfect Democracy Though Utopian – Part I

A brief description of communism and Marxism to general public and its present status in the world as the most powerful and influential force with devoted followed in nearly every country. Its various interpretations by the scholars and governments in theory and practice.

What Are We Going To Do With China Concerning Free Trade and Free Markets?

Should the US just disengage trade with China? Think of the issues of regulatory attacks on US companies or the state-run media campaigns against foreign companies to create consumer backlash, all to serve the political objectives of other international disputes? One of the latest issues which has concerned me are the price controls put forth against US auto makers selling into their consumer markets.

Crony Capitalism Is What We Do, Free-Market Capitalism Is What We Need

Over the years, I’ve had an incredible number of conversations about economics. I’ve also had the pleasure of participating in a free-market economy running a business. Each and every one of us participates as a consumer at one time or another choosing what we want, what we can afford, and what we need. It’s amazing how rational consumers can get when push comes to shove.

How the Unemployment Welfare in America Changed

The welfare system in the United States has changed over the years. The changes over the years have grown the program and that growth is leading the future of the United States in the wrong direction.

Can We Fix Socialism – Only If We Allow Free-Markets to Be the Method

I find it interesting that each time one of President Obama’s initiatives fails, he goes back to search out businesspeople involved in our free-market economy to ask their advice, and get their support. Evidence would be his 2013 vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, where he golfed with CEO business leaders. Why is this you ask? I believe it is an age old question; how can you save socialism, or build a socialist utopia?

Currency Wars Will Lead to One World Money

Will the currency wars underway lead to a one world money system that will lead to an explosion of wealth? Can this all have a good ending? Will the stocks blast into the 16,000 range soon? Will the world as a whole come out ahead? How about failing economies like Greece, Spain, Portugal and the United States? Will this world money save us from economic suicide?

Agricultural Reform in Nigeria

Before technology arrived and oil was discovered in Nigeria, Nigerians survived mainly on substantial farming. Nigerians survived on agriculture. With the discovery of oil, Nigeria has been given another potentially profitably source of income.

Lending a Helping Hand to Friends and Family

If you know a friend or family member that is on the verge of losing their home or has already been left homeless, there are ways that you can help. Give them a place to stay, help them find a job, buy food or watch their kids so that they can look for work. Your help can prevent them from entering into an even worse situation and keep them off the streets.

Is Venezuela’s Economy On The Verge of Collapse in 2013?

How long can a socialist government go around pillaging free-enterprise companies, printing money, devaluing their currency and denouncing free markets – and still remain economically sound? Some say that socialism is sound and that the answer to the question would be; indefinitely.

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