The COVERUP Going On Inside Of Abortion Clinics | Choosing Death Documentary Sneak Peak

Neighborhood Study in DC – Stadium Armory and Brookland

An examination of the differences between two very different neighborhoods in Washington DC. City planning doesn’t always work out the way it is planned. Organic neighborhoods seem to work much better.

Will Q2 Earnings Create a Rally?

The Jan-Feb stock market correction began when impressive 4th quarter earnings reports began coming out. The current correction began when impressive 1st quarter earnings reports came out. What will happen when Q2 reports begin in a week or so?

The English Pub and Real Ale – What is Their Future?

In the last 30 years many pubs have closed. Perhaps you are a real ale fan or marvel at the beauty of England’s historic pubs. If so this article may be of interest to you as it focuses on the cause and effect of pub closures throughout England. What effect will this have on real ale sales and what will be the effect on England’s heritage?

The New Deal, The CCC and Today

The unemployment rate is not budging. Many people are strongly against any further government stimulus. But step back to the New Deal era and look at one program — the Civilian Conservation Corps — the CCC. It provided 3 million jobs at a time of severe economic desperation.

Be Fully Prepared For a “Double-Dip” Recession

It appears that there are more than just whispers that yet ANOTHER recession might be on the way. This is what they call a double dip recession. A recession is usually defined as 2 quarters of decline in the GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, which is the sum of goods and services produced in the United States.

Economic Facts to Know About Global Population Trends – Keys to Business Success

Trends in global population growth are very well understood. However, considering the economic facts and issues are largely neglected in the press and in generally available business and economics writing.

Bharat Bandh – Was It A Solution Or Problem?

Pick every newspaper and you will find the news on the front page that today is bharat band. This bandh is done by the parties with the help of ‘Aam janta’ to stop inflation. Political parties who is doing this they think that inflation or increase in price is done by congress.

Are Americans Entitled to an Ever Increasing Standard of Living?

Americans seem to have some unfortunate belief that simply by being Americans, they are entitled to a high and increasing standard of living. Not true. That may have appeared to be the case for some decades, but they are in for a terribly unpleasant surprise.

New Century Economics – Risks, Opportunity, and Wealth Building From 2010 to 2100

The “Great Recession”, the “Dot Com Bust”, the “Housing Crisis”, the “Global Financial Crisis”, the “Sovereign Debt Crisis”, the “Asian Economic Crisis”, and the current U.S. commercial real estate crisis seem to almost blur into one another over the past 12 years or so. Why so much volatility?

Sovereign Debt Default – Price to Pay For Sub Prime Crisis

Sub Prime crisis seems to be a thing of the past. People are now grappling with Sovereign Debt Default crisis in Europe. Investors are accusing European countries for bringing about gloom and doom in the financial world. But what has caused such deplorable financial condition of European nations, a sphere where everything was hunky dory just a couple of years back?

Taking America Back

As I have stated in many of my articles the United States is one of the greatest countries on the planet. We have helped more countries in need than any other single power and have developed more for the good of civilization than any single country in the world.

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