The Daily Wire Signs Ousted ESPN Sportscaster Allison Williams Who RESISTED Vaccine Mandate

Multinational Corporations: MNCs

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are those private companies that work in more than one country. They produce or provide goods or services at higher quality and according to the latest global norms. They also employ the best human resource in a country and those build brand images that are unique, stable, and above all, saleable.

Changes in Traditional Perspectives on Aging

Eastern and Western traditions regarding aging are experiencing major shits. While the United States is embracing multigenerational living, Eastern cultures are increasingly sending their aging population off to assisted living facilities.

When Good News Is Bad News

Bernanke painted an optimistic picture of the economy. So why did financial markets recoil?

Solution to the Romanian Crisis

Romania has been through a tough social, economic and political crisis for the past 4-5 years. As such, employment opportunities are very rare and, when available, they are much under the European level of payment.

A Great Leap Forward

This article was originally written in December 2012. It outlines what is needed to transform the British and European economies to address the challenges of high government debt levels, sluggish growth and high unemployment levels.

Budget 2013-14 and Effects In Pakistan

Pre-election high hopes are now fading away among the people of Pakistan, who have voted for the big slogans and beautiful dreams. Like always, these politicians have approached the thinking of poor people of Pakistan with sweet dreams and fruitful results before the elections. Just after the formation of the government and announcement of the budget, these hopeless people once again repenting on their decisions which provided PML N government majority in the recent elections.

The Middle Class Is Extinct

In case you’ve been asleep for the past decade or so, and haven’t come to the realization that the middle class is extinct, perhaps this article will help illustrate how it happened for you. What Happened To Middle Class America? While the gap between the rich and the poor has been widening for decades, it really became apparent after the housing bubble burst, the financial crisis kicked into high gear and all of those Occupy events popped up across the land. The truth is our society has allowed systems to be put into place that helps ensure this gap widens. Every new dollar being printed effectively robs the value of your money right out of your pocket. Think about what you used to pay for a chocolate bar at the corner store. Has the size and quality (or value) of that chocolate bar gone down drastically over the years, or does it just take more money now to buy one?

The Dismal Failure of the Federal Reserve System – Part 2

Does the Federal Reserve System benefit our economy? Correct monetary theory and the facts expose the dismal failure of the Fed. A visit to the year 1950 is quite revealing.

The Dismal Failure of the Federal Reserve System – Part 1

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, the dollar has lost almost 95% of its value. Obviously, something is wrong. Let’s compare the Fed’s stated goals versus the performance it actually achieves.

Is The Money Printing No Longer Working?

Announcements like that have previously had some predictable results. The markets tend to rally, precious metals prices jump, and mortgage rates drop too. This time around though, those things didn’t really happen. The stock markets actually dropped for a day or two, gold and silver have dropped to the lowest levels they’ve been for months, and mortgage rates have actually been climbing.

Forced Deindustrialization Is Crippling America’s Economy

This “One World” economic plan is demolishing U.S. employment and companies at an incredible rate of speed. We have all witnessed the economic destruction that NAFTA caused. These “free trade” agreements are formed in order to build up exports, but they are not fulfilling this purpose at all.

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