The Daily Wire Sues Biden Over Tyrannical Vaccine Mandate

So Where Do You Stand Socio-Economically?

Not long ago, an acquaintance asked me basically where I stood socio-economically. Well, I am a free-market guy, so capitalism is okay with me, and that doesn’t mean I condone crony capitalism. How do I feel about Keynesian Economic theory, well, I am not too keen on Keynes. Further, I’d say I am the Oxford Dictionary “Liberal” which is not to be confused with a socialist-democrat in the US currently, as it would be noting similar. Our founding fathers were considered “liberal” as in liberty, and the current use of that word in the media certainly wouldn’t be nothing of the sort today.

A Chiseler As Well As A Deadbeat

According to an old angling quote, a fishing rod is “a stick with a hook at one end and a fool at the other.” Investors trolling for returns in Argentina are likely to prove that definition true.

The Business Center of the 21st Century

This article will outline the growing strength of China as an economic and political superpower. It will give a brief summary of the reasons for this gradual climb to the top of the world community.

Canada’s Mining Sector Recovers From a Brick Wall Hit

This article gives insights into the mining sector in Canada. It examines the role played by the slowdown in the commodity market and the connection between the Australian and Canadian mining sector. Further, the article discusses the demand from the Chinese market and its implications on mining companies in Canada. The article illustrates how the need for global sourcing multiplies for Canadian mining companies.

Fighting Quality for Profit

In this article, I address the problem of producing mediocre goods, with precious valuable resources. The idea of, “Buy low, sell high,” does not work for every industry. Free market is great, but that market is rewarded for producing mediocre goods with natural resources.

What’s Really Wrong With Our Economy?

There is an underlying moral problem that urgently needs to be addressed. This can be seen in a reckless and restless spirit inside some key segments of modern economy. It creates frenzied markets that lead people to resent the very idea of restraint and scorn the spiritual, religious, moral and cultural values that normally serve to order and temper economic activity.

Dumping A Lot of Dough Into the System To Keep It Alive

A couple of years ago, the head of Brazil’s central bank became quite aggravated and noted that he didn’t want to get involved or even be involved in any currency wars, and didn’t enjoy the race to the bottom. He was right to make this statement, and Brazil was doing everything they needed to do with regards to interest rates and money supply to keep their economy from overheating. The strength of inflows in direct foreign investment and trade flows were causing problems and inflation, and starting to lop side their economy.

Purporting Falsehood to Boost Consumer Confidence and Cultivate Economic Strength?

Is there honor in purporting a created reality to move a society towards a political or economic goal if that goal would help the good of the country? Yes, in a way this is just another replay of the “means and ends” debate, or is it, is there something more here? Philosophically speaking these are the same arguments, but then there is the concept of getting everyone on the same page, preventing collapse, and taking the nation forward, all to be considered honorable, or are they?

Costa Rican Economy Continues to Prosper

Despite the fact that this week we saw a reduction in forecast growth for the Costa Rican economy during 2013, the country is still set to be the third fastest-growing economy in the region. This is an area of the world which has for many years been overlooked by investors and businesses but is now certainly on the investment map and attracting more and more interest.

Brazil’s Trade Deficit

There are many challenges for expanding economies and one such challenge is currently being experienced by the Brazilian government after the announcement of a record trade deficit in January. The deficit was revealed at US $4.035 billion which is the highest on record and while it is slightly concerning in the short term it is one of these situations through which growing economies will need to navigate.

The Peaceful Rise of China

China is fast emerging as a major economic power.Its impact can be felt in global markets. It may be due to its peaceful foreign policy coupled with the pursuit of the principle of “free market economy”.

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