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Minimum Wage Hurts The Free Market And Leads To Fewer Jobs

Minimum wages create an anchor on Free Enterprise and hurts job growth. The most inefficient way to spend money is spending other people’s money on other people. That is what the Government does. That is why we have such a weak economy which will only get worse with more Government spending and laws that restrict the Free Market from working. Having laws such as minimum wage creates a weak foundation to grow a prosperous economy.

October 7: Economic Collapse Could Be the End of America As We Know It

The chickens are coming home to roost for a government that’s been printing money to help the bankers. The media are warning us; do we get the message? Ready or not, trouble seems to be coming!

Global Economic Chaos – Where Will Capital Find Safe Haven?

In the Summer of 2013 we began to see an accelerated change for capital flight from emerging markets. We saw India’s stock market crash, we saw China slow it’s growth, we saw Brazil raise interest rates, and most emerging markets (exception Eastern Europe) all pull back. The emerging markets had been drastically inflated due to our trade deficits and our Quantitative Easing strategy. Still, just the mere mention that the Federal Reserve might be pulling back on the QE strategy was enough to sink emerging stock markets and send capital to safe haven.

What Is the Value of GDP As an Economic Measure of a Nation’s Progress?

GDP as a measure of a nation’s progress is valuable if used together with a range of other measures. The concept of a nation’s progress is complex and no one measure will be sufficient.

Only Two Types of Economic Data Come Out of Washington DC – False and/or Revised

Sometimes I wonder if the Government’s official economic data is every correct. We seem to have revision after revision and anytime we are anywhere near an election, all of a sudden the numbers become as bloated as our health care costs or the number of Americans with diabetes.

Why Does Government Intervention Hurt the Economy and Not Provide Jobs?

Some believe that the return of our economy presently and the purported government figures on job growth is a sign that the Obama Administration has done a nice job in getting us out of the recession – that somehow they stellar stewardship has helped build a robust period of positive expansion. Well, did it ever occur to anyone that the economy has recovered in spite of the poor decisions made by the Obama Administration, instead of because of their efforts? Let’s talk shall we?

Laffer Economics: The Long Spiral Into Debt

Laffer economics, like supply side economics, is based on the idea that cutting taxes will provide more money for investments and job creation. That in turn should increase economic growth, resulting in an increase in tax revenue. That hasn’t worked out, but Laffer’s theories have led us to a long slow spiral down into debt and austerity.

Federal Government Policy Makers Only Got “The Coase Theorem” Half Right

Perhaps, you missed it but a famous economist has passed on, he was 102 years old, so he lived a long life, and a fruitful one at that. By many he was misunderstood, but to those in the economist profession, he was considered a mental giant. A whole lot of his ideas have been incorporated into how we manage our economy today here in the US, and also how other countries run theirs as well. Let’s talk.

Is the US Getting Less Innovative When It Comes to Medical Devices?

The number of new medical devices approved by the FDA has shown a steady decline over the last decade, even though there has been a slight recovery in recent years. This article looks at these approval trends to discuss whether the US is getting less innovative when it comes to medical devices.

Can Harlem Stay Black?

How many Blacks can still afford to live in Harlem? How many NYers can?

Communism Misunderstood in America: Communism the Ultimate Objective – Part IV

Marx’s theoretical work along with his empirical inquiries led him to the discovery of “scientific laws of development” illuminating stages beyond capitalism. His theory relied on the concept of historical materialism involving the analysis of the past as well as future developments. His findings toward the future indicated that as industrialization advances, continually better educated and more conscious working class will rise and eliminate the capitalist class structure replacing it by a mono-class society of proletariat. Further advancement in technology and means of production will bring an abundance of goods which would be equitably distributed based on individual needs. After all remnants of capitalism are eliminated by the ruling proletariat, this working class will also disappear, since there will be no need for government, and humanity will reach its ultimate stage of freedom and democracy — a stateless and classless namely a communist society.

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