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Promoting Retail Economic Development in Your Town – Mayor’s Round Table Secret Shopper Program

What is your city or town doing to promote itself? Not enough I suspect. Oh sure, your town or city like most has spent a good deal of money on color brochures promoting itself, done a nice job on the city website to attract tourists and give information, but what about the home team advantage?

From Fool to Fortune Part One – Why Is America Facing Financial Ruin?

America’s financial situation has everything to do with the American way of life yet we see few economists tackling the problem from that vantage point. See what happened through the eyes of those that lived it.

Knowing E-commerce

E-commerce is becoming popular nowadays, but the truth is that we actually do not see its importance. With all the attention given to this budding industry, we still do not understand what it is all about. By simple definition, this industry refers to online business transactions, like buy-and-sell products happening over the internet. This business involves selling of products, and even service. The access to internet made every human transaction way easier, with businesses sprouting all over the place. Most businesses today rely to the Web as the avenue where they can sell more effectively.

If Commodities Fall In The Forest, Will Bernanke Hear It?

Commodities have been falling off a cliff lately, and pundits abound are stepping over each other to declare it’s because global growth is slowing. And everybody thought I was hearing things! The unfortunate part is that most of what you read talks about slowing growth because of commodity prices, sort of a tail that wags the dog.

Unemployment for 99ers

Unemployment for 99ers is growing more and more by the week. People are exhausting all of their extension and so far no help is coming from the government in these difficult times. What can people expect in the next couple of weeks? Please read this article to stay informed.

Winners and Losers During Global Inflation Crisis

We are seeing the impact of the financial crisis. One of the prime causes of the GFC is global inflation and although it appears money is vanishing from the masses, wealth is not destroyed, it is merely transferred. Thus, during global inflation crisis, who are the winners and losers?

How the Trucking Industry Can Continue to Grow

This article contains information on how the trucking industry can continue to climb out of the recession while at the same time pushing back on the current issues facing the industry such as rising fuel costs and driver shortage. The article also goes into detail on how trucking organizations can begin diversifying their companies.

Economic Decline In The South

It is astounding just how far the economy of the south has fallen in such a short time. I currently have a job that takes me traveling around North Carolina on a regular basis. Although I have general routes that I take, changes in the daily schedule sent me on different paths from time to time.

It’s The (Growth Of The) Economy, Stupid

Let me explain why I think every American family should have at least one good, solid entrepreneurial venture going these days. When Bill Clinton was running for president in 1992 against George H.W. Bush, he responded to reporters who fretted he might not be able to unseat the president who’d successfully prosecuted the first Gulf War: “It’s the economy, Stupid,” he said. His assertion was that he could convince Americans that the economy was a wreck, and he did so… by claiming that the free market wasn’t doing a good job of “income redistribution.” Class warfare, as a political weapon, enjoyed a good season.

What’s Happening With Our Money?

There is nothing new under the sun. The economic difficulties we face today have occurred before, although not to us. Let us take history’s lessons to heart and prepare for what is coming.

The Middle Class Dilemma

The Declaration of Independence lays the groundwork for a way of life to be envied by others worldwide. This was stated in 1776, but can it be honestly stated today? Are we treating everyone equal? Is everyone given an equal opportunity for this good life?

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