The Making of Daily Wire’s ‘Truth Bomb’

Does History Repeat Itself?

US companies have been outsourcing jobs left and right. What impact does this have on our economy in the long term? Is the US Economy really recovering or are current politics only delaying the inevitable?

The Austerity Issue

Austerity? What is it? How does it affect our daily lives? What does austerity have to do with the super rich, with taxes, government or you? Find out more in this article.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, XII

I can’t say I’ve always been an awesome American citizen. Like many people of my generation (especially those of us lucky enough to “come of age” during the Reagan administration), I had better things to do. I was working. I was starting and raising a family. I was getting on with my life, and I assumed our country’s leaders had the situation under control. After all, the economy was booming, I could always get a better job, and the Cold War we’d all feared during my military service was over….

Investment in Commercial Diving Will Save the Economy, Not NASA

It seems that every day in the news someone famous is diving into the depths of the oceans with new and innovative technology in order to explore that which human eyes have never seen firsthand. From new submersibles and new techniques, these advancements are helping to create a new era for exploration and perhaps an entirely new segment for the economy. So this begs the question: “Should government funding that has traditionally been slated for space exploration, be redirected for ocean exploration with the intent of creating groundbreaking technology and a new economy that would benefit far more…

What Does Greece and the US Have In Common – Unfortunately Far Too Much

As we watch yet another Greek tragedy, this one of an economic motif – we are reminded of the history of other nations that have fallen due to socialism and to run away entitlements. Of course, if you check your history in the last 200 years Greece has gone bankrupt nearly 8 times, so they don’t really have a very good track record, and I myself might put it in the same category as Argentina – and well, here we go again. However, before we condemn them for their future fate as they leave the euro and the European Union,…

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, XI

Have confidence. With a free nation, you (and those around you) will have the opportunity to truly make the nation and the world better. Even if you are not a person for whom owning a business would be a good idea, for instance, you will still be vastly better off if you live in a nation where the opportunity still exists for others. Victims want more government – entrepreneurs want less – and that’s the essential fight being played out in this election year….

The Bernanke Put – Euro Style

The Spanish debt auction proceeded in an orderly fashion even as yields crept higher. The general consensus appears to be that Spain is too big to fail. I would suggest that Spain might be too big to save.

Is the SEC Backing Down From Reform of Money Funds?

Proposed regulatory changes to the money market exchange have been in the news lately. However, the issue is still being debated right now.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, X

There are lots of projects you could take on to do your part in the great restoration of America. You could run for the school board. You could start a business. You could become a citizen journalist, a citizen educator, or a citizen candidate for office. You should pick something that’s a good match with your own talents and skills. But whatever else you choose, it’s not a bad idea to be a good neighbor….

Best Strategy for Economic Development

The aim of this strategy is for poor countries to weigh their development projects and figure out how significant the project basis to improve economy growth and how urgent is it needed all these should be in mind before carrying on any project, some projects might be good but not important at the moment due to the financial situation of the country. My suggestion is all poor countries should focus on development vital to promote economy growth and cope with some other situations as much as possible, for instance, a nation needs to improve its roads quality or add 10 new roads that can boost the economy and likewise needs 15 government buildings for offices. The roads project should be given priority than the buildings the government can rent houses or apartments for its offices for a while then carry on the road project with a fix date to start and a fix date to end; good roads in poor countries will definitely reduce poverty and increases per capital income.

Could There Be A Chance For A One World Currency?

Would the world be a better place if it were able to share the same currency? Would it benefit the masses? Honestly, that answer has to be no. The chances of the entire world using the same currency will never have a chance to exist, let’s understand why.

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