“The Man Leading The Charge” Daily Wire Co-Ceo Jeremy Boreing On The Red Carpet

Military Might Cannot Win the Economic Struggle!

Government budget deficits and the debt crisis they created in Greece, and concerns that Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Italy may be nearing similar situations, have been dominating the news and roiling global stock, bond, and currency markets for several weeks. Some analysts say it’s a forerunner of what is coming to the U.S. a few years down the road.

Does the Economy Affect Your Business?

How does the political situation and the economy affect your business? Does it make it better or worse?

Rudd’s Emissions Trade Scheming

Before the panic of the Greek bailout took hold earlier in the trading week starting 3 May, the Australian stock market traded down as investors dumped their mining stocks. The reason for this was the newly announced tax the Labor government proposed on the weekend to help fund superannuation for millions of Australians at 12% of each workers’ salary.

Beware the Greeks – This is Not Sparta!

The “Greek problem,” ubiquitously on the front page of late, has the potential for a contagion similar to our own financial crises, but not likely to take down the system. Europe will clean up their mess like we cleaned up ours. They’ll sweep it under the rug…out of sight, out of mind.

Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class!

A vibrant and growing middle class is one of the hallmarks of a thriving economy. As we go through this current economic transition you can be part of the group who succeeds and prospers not part of the group which struggles and fails.

Today’s Economy and Its Effects

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on everywhere. Just by talking to people, asking questions about how they have been affected can really help to see how much struggling we are all going through.

What is This New Economy I Keep Hearing About?

The economy is in the midst of a transition just like all the other major transitions of the last 200 years. This article shows some of the transitions and details what the new economy has in store for all of us.

Back to the Stone Age in Megabit Speed and What Made it Happen?

Deep down in all of us an entrepreneurial spirit sleeps. The dawn of man was the first step in a free world. Who ever build the first fence created limitations and possessions.

The Awful Secret Bailout You Are Not Supposed to Know About

Expect dismal fourth-quarter numbers for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as the Treasury moves to pacify the markets by lifting their total credit facilities beyond $400 billion. With that move, largely ignored in the holiday rush, the White House deftly avoids a nasty, negative headline criticizing the two biggest basket cases in the markets, publicly traded companies who got the biggest total bailouts of all because they are hostage to the Congress’s every housing desire.

President Shames Banks and Bailouts

President Barack Obama was recently very direct and on target when making his case for financial reform, close to where the economic crash all began-near Wall Street at the Cooper Union, in lower Manhattan. He, rightfully, blamed the fiscal meltdown, only two years ago, on bankers’ “failure of responsibility.

Global Redesign by Algorithms, Knowledge and Information

The world is being redesigned by the trio of algorithms, knowledge and information (AKI). Only firms that develop the right capabilities will survive this innovation economy.

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