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Would Any European Bank Have Enough Capital If the EuroZone Broke Apart Completely?

Is the EuroZone dead, well not yet, but some are already predicting its early demise. However, we can expect the Euro to live on and survive the crisis, perhaps though it may have a severe sell off and par with the dollar at some point. Some say as early as mid-2012.

Why Not Give the Technocrats a Chance at Fixing Greece and Italy? Interesting Concept

There was a rather interesting article recently in the New York Times on November 11, 2011 titled “Greece and Italy Seek a Solution From Technocrats” by Rachel Donadio. Now the title is somewhat misleading, however, it does bring up an interesting concept, and that is to actually let the Technocrats attempt to try their plan. Why you ask?

Uneasiness With Wealth? No!

The economic crisis is having a devastating effect on the world at large. We have witnessed the crush of long tolerated dictators, the battering of Wall Street, the Greek and now Italian demise and the bad news just keeps coming. Pretty interesting about these scenarios is that in nearly every instance the youth in our world today are the catalysts. They are the Gen X. They are tweeters, instant messengers, viral video producers, basement journalists and extremely computer savvy. This generation does not readily accept like we did. I think it is time we listen to what they are saying, because they cannot and will not be ignored.

The 99% Solution

Given the way things are shaping up in the EU and the speed that things are approaching meltdown around the world, my guess is that one big default is all it’s going to take to trigger a collapse that cannot be controlled. It’s possible that the EU can survive if Germany bails out Greece, but Italy is very close to default as well, and there isn’t enough money in the EU’s coffers to bail them out.

The Greek Gods Have Spoken and Greece Has Hit the Proverbial Fan

Just when you thought the Greek economic tragedy would end on a positive note conflicts have arisen, events have occurred, and things have turned to the worst. Should we be surprised? No not really.

The Great Recession Was No Accident

The Great Recession that has plunged over fifteen percent of Americans into poverty was no accident. Our nation’s economic policies fostered a business environment that was favorable to corporate greed and irresponsibility. The culprits behind the economic collapse grew wealthy; meanwhile American taxpayers were left to pay for their misdeeds.

International Finance and Global Relations

Countries are currently more proactively working together causing an increase in globalization. Globalization started after World War II but has accelerated considerably since the mid-1980 mostly because of technology being sought out overseas and more governments are refusing to protect their economy from foreign competition. Since international trade and globalization have been rising there is the need for more International laws.

What Does a Low Level Executive Have in Common With a Bangladeshi Worker in Singapore?

In this article, we explore how people in today’s age must still be counted as homogeneous labour, a term that is thought to exist in Economics textbooks. The article explore the difficulty of employment, and of progress in employment.

Greece’s Future Economic Viability Considered

Well, now we see that the Greek leader of the country has resigned. Apparently, he tried to make a deal with the European Union to work out a debt deal much to the chagrin of the mass mobs of protesters. At that point he was considered unfit to lead, as he went against the will of the people.

Renewing Limited Government: Tenure Limits

Limit the factory of big-government liberalism that the American academic institution has become, and you’ll go far toward restoring freedom, prosperity, and strength to America (and to the worldwide economy she leads). And the easiest first step toward a more sane academe would be to limit faculty tenure at all schools, colleges, and universities…

The Global Economy Is at the Mercy of Tiny Greece?

It’s incredible when you think of it. Greece is one of the smallest countries and economies in the world. Yet its economic threat to the entire world’s well-being has the rest of the globe’s overwhelming wealth and economic power helpless to do anything about it?

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