The Real Reason YouTube Is Hiding Dislikes

Will Raising Taxes On Entrepreneurs, Business People and The Rich Lower the Deficit?

Well, “glory be, we have reelected our Prince, Barack Obama,” I felt like singing in sarcasm. So what will happen to our economy now you wonder? Well, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has already explained that if we go into sequestration, or even if we have large budget cuts of our federal government – along with tax increases that we will go into another recession in 2013. Interestingly enough, this is one time I do agree with the CBO. Many Democrats and political pundits are stating that it wouldn’t matter who was reelected, we are headed for recession anyway.

Should We Really Give Up On Political Partisanship and Come Together For Socialism?

At about the stroke of midnight (EST) Governor Mitt Romney conceded to President Barack Obama in the November 6, 2012 presidential election. He explained to his supporters and the American people that it was time to come together, pray for the success of this administration in getting through the recession, and dumping our political partisan divide. Whereas, that was a nice concession speech, and the right thing and most expedient political thing to say at the time, I completely and will forever respectfully disagree.

The Talented and Hard-Working Have Nothing to Fear

“The talented and hard-working have nothing to fear,” according to Dominic Raab, backbench Conservative MP in the UK. In a recent interview on BBC’s HARDtalk he defends his book co-authored with four other Conservative MPs in which a more rightwing course for the Conservative party in the UK is outlined. A leaked fragment from the book stated that “the British are among the worst idlers in the world.

Zero-Sum Economics – The Story of Life Needs a Better Ending

Your income, your job security, your ability to secure an education for yourself and your children, and your success in the marketplace are all profoundly affected by conditions which, in the absence of a frontier, have acted to eliminate choices for individuals and businesses. What’s wrong? Nothing. This is zero-sum economics.

Is Price Gouging Really Evil? Let’s Talk Free-Market Economics for All You Socialists

Have you ever asked yourself what something was worth? The answer in a free-market economy is very simple; something is worth whatever someone else is willing to pay for it. Not anymore, and not any less. If someone charges too much, then others will decide not to buy it, or seek other sellers. People should have the right not to buy something that is too expensive, or the right to buy something they choose to buy if there is a willing seller for whatever that price might be. That’s how free-market economies work.

Hold the ‘Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich’ In The Post-Recession Developed World

Globalization means we have to think about competition in all areas on a global basis including education, tax structures, and legal environments. Businesses are competing globally for locations, employees, and customers. While there has been a lot of discussion about who is emerging in the developing world, my question is: Which developed country is going to come out on top as the global economy recovers?

Economic Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate bears the social responsibility to the economic development of the company. They are equally responsible to bring up the economic condition of the country. 20% revenue of the Indian economy comes directly from these sectors of the India.

Economic Realities of 4-More Years of the Current Nonsense Considered

Indeed, I find it rather telling and somewhat fascinating that neither presidential candidate in the October 2012 debates bothered to get into any reality based discussion on the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ issue. President Obama has stated that the sequestration will never happen, and Governor Romney has always stated that he can work across the aisle to get things done. So, what does this mean?

A Grim Future for Workers

Workers in the US today face serious problems. With unemployment high and signs of recovery spotty, even people with a job worry about when the ax may fall on them. In these times when people are spending less, business are trying to improve their bottom line by increasing productivity: they work their employees harder, cut their benefits wherever they can, and invest in machines that will replace workers. What does this trend mean for the future of workers and the middle class?

Storm Destruction – It Is a Myth That It Helps the Economy By Putting People To Work Rebuilding

I’m always amazed by political pundits who tell us that there is a bright side after some natural disaster or in the case of civil unrest in some country. They tell us that after the damage has been done, just think of all those people who will be employed rebuilding it all? I disagree with this concept, because I understand free-market capitalism and how economies actually grow and operate. Disruptions, especially large-scale disruptions as we witnessed in late October of 2012 with Hurricane Super Storm Sandy, hurt commerce, supply chains, and took a big bite out of the Big Apple and out of our economy.

Why I Am So Worried About Spain’s Future

Having royalty genealogy lines is cool, as you can trace all of your ancestry through the former kings and queens of Europe in past periods. Once you hit a major royal line vein, you see you are related to nearly all of them, as they also intermarried, and speaking of veins you have to wonder if you will bleed to death someday. Luckily, that was long ago, and today I have mixed genes.

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