The Rise and Fall of Andrew Cuomo

The Global Financial Crisis and Its Effects on the Indian Economy

The Global Economic crisis has impacted almost every country across the globe and has not spared India. It has impacted several aspects of Indian Economy, especially the stock and Forex market.

Free Trade Nightmare Continues

Free trade remains the major cause of our economic and social problems. Major news channels and news services for some reason do not tell this story even though President Obama had to bail out free trade economics in 2008. Who will tell our grandchildren and future generations why we let this happen and who said we had to compete in a global economic arena?

Being Beguiled

At a time when all the main stream media are saying that the economy is steadily improving don’t be beguiled by all this hype. Because, underneath these reported statistics lies in wait a tsunami of unrelenting misery poised to strike an already fragile nation. Under reported are case after case of struggling individuals and families who are trying to survive on meager incomes or in many cases no income at all.

The U.S. Economy Faces A Long Recovery Period

Americans are not searching for jobs. They have simply given up seeking a job now, because the job market is waterlogged.

National Economic Reform’s: Budget Deficit and National Debt Reduction

With another election cycle coming now would be a good time to really educate the American public that their is a fast track to reducing substantially and even eliminating both the national debt and the budget deficit. These are the most potentially lethal aspects of our current economic crisis, The present Administration has a golden opportunity to seize the moment sort of speaking by outlining specific ways in which our nation’s debt can be eliminated for the first time since Andrew Jackson. Many firmly believe like the Republicans that the Federal Government…

The Actual Middle Class

This article is a brief description of my own and other young adults’ problems regarding student loan debt. It briefly touches on President Obama’s repayment plans and how they are ineffective for the middle class. Finally, it opens up the question as to who the middle class actually is in America.

5 Things American Seniors Should Be Entitled to

In October, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said she’s ‘greatly’ concerned by the existence of inequality between those at the very top compared with the stagnant living standards of the majority. Unfortunately, she didn’t address the seniors, who are at the very bottom of that majority. Here are five essential benefits that a certain class of seniors over the age of 65 should be entitled to. These benefits should be considered rightfully earned privileges given the fact that it was the present-day seniors who built the U.S. to become the number one economic power in the world.

National Economic Reform’s: Education Reform

The American educational experience from the late 1960’s thru today has been a total disaster. Instead of securing our place in educational standards when the educational experience of the post World War II period up till around 1970 we have succumbed to the lowest common denominator. In the mid 1960’s is where the United States was ranked first in Math and Science of all the industrialized nations; a far cry from the realities of education in America today.

Why Is It Always Up?

The worth of $100 in 1901 is worth $2,690.44 in 2014. What it means: in the United States of America, what you can buy for $2,690.44 in 2014, you could have bought the same goods and services for $100 in 1901. It means that our purchasing power has diminished or the price of goods and services has increased over a period of time. The price of goods and services never comes down except for a brief period. In the long run, the price is always going up, why is it always up?

Canadians 2nd Only to Greeks in Personal Debt

When it comes to personal debt levels, it’s no surprise that Greeks top the charts, but guess who’s in 2nd place? One might expect to hear Spain, or Italy, or some other country in a depression, but in fact it’s Canada. Canadians are hog wild over debt, and have been for a decade or more. The average household in Canada has over $70,000 in consumer debt alone, which doesn’t include their mortgage.

2015 Isn’t Going Well for Canada

Every year, people begin with high hopes and celebrations, expecting the coming year to bring them good times, prosperity, and of course, happiness. Sounds good, but it’s not working out that way for Canada so far, just ask Stephen Harper, he’s probably having the worst year of his career, if not life. He’s dealing with the crash of his company’s largest export, an economy that doesn’t want to get out of neutral, after 6 years of stimulating the you-know-what out of it, and now his right hand man “stepped down.” One gets the sense that there’s plenty going on behind the curtain these days, and none of it good.

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