The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein

Geothermal Systems As the Economical Solution to Commercial Air Conditioning Needs

In today’s world, everything is changing at fast paces. The changes that happen are witnessed everywhere. In technology everything is progressing rapidly, and commercial air conditioning is no exception to this trend. The fast paces in this area are due to the fact that modern economy and the continuously rising energy prices call for better and more economical solutions.

Reasons Why You Should Never Credit Things

There are many who have spent their entire life paying the debt they owe a person or an organisation. Although it is easy to borrow and spend money the real pain comes when we are called to pay back. Is it therefore necessary to credit things. This article explains reasons why you should never credit things either from the bank or any individual.

Baby Boomers Reject Traditional Retirement

Baby Boomers don’t know what retirement is because the traditional meaning of ‘Retirement’ does not apply to today’s senior population! Many Boomers find it difficult to define what retirement is. Some feel retirement is all about having the luxury of choice in how one spends the day; others think it is merely leaving the ‘workforce’. To others retirement means not having to do anything for money; and yet to others retirement means when you don’t have to work and can focus more on your hobbies and passions.

Food Storage Guide – 3 Items to Stock Up On Now Before They’re Gone

Many people are searching for a food storage guide in order to help them prepare for an emergency situation. However, with so much misinformation on the internet, it’s hard to know what to do. In this article, I’ll discuss 3 items that you need to stock up on now, before it’s too late.

Move Over South Africa, Here Comes New Powerhouse Nigeria

On the 6th of April 2014, Nigeria announced its re-graded GDP figures which made it supersede South Africa and become Africa’s biggest economy. This comes at a time when the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative is in full swing. While South Africa’s economy has been under performing for some time, Nigeria’s economy has been surging full steam ahead. The article looks at whether this upward revision of Nigeria’s GDP statistics mean anything for the ordinary man in Nigeria and some of the structural challenges facing the Nigerian economy.

Capitalism, An American Travesty

In a Capitalistic economy there has to be a predetermined set of morals in which everybody adheres to. Sad to say that in the United States not everyone adheres to that code or for that matter any other code of morality either. For the past 40 years the base moral fiber of our society has continued to slide down that slippery slope, that proverbial path of degradation and an out right acceptance that morality really doesn’t matter any more.

Transaction Rights: The Necessary Product of Block Chaining

In Bitcoin-like monetary systems, what block chaining essentially collects is not money, but rather transactions: it is transaction rights that essentially depend on chaining blocks, not money creation. So the block-chaining reward is always transaction rights, even if still indistinguishable from actual transactions. This article redesigns the Bitcoin-based system known as Peercoin so, instead of money, total transaction rights become the reward for chaining blocks. The result is the possibility of not only pricing those rights but also resizing them according to this pricing, which alone can reveal their needed resizing. This relative independence of transaction rights as the sellable product of block chaining prevents their monopolization and consequent price abuse, while conversely preserving block-chaining decentralization.

Russia Threatens Economic Warfare and Crashing the US Economy – Idle Threat or Reality Check

More and more we find that human wars are not fought on a big battlefield with large armies and loss rations following a mathematical law of attrition. Today, we have wars in the media, cyberspace, stock markets, economic systems, and elsewhere. Not long ago, the Russians made a comment in the global media after John Kerry threatened economic sanctions, they said that they can cause the US economy to collapse. Now then is that so?

The Great Divide Just Gets Wider

The enormity of the greatest income disparity gap in history continues to displace millions of Americans into a realm of reality far removed from the hopes and dreams of being able to achieve the American Dream. Whose to blame for the economic windfall for the 1% while the rest of us languish in desperation for any crumb to handed down to us by the trickle down theorists? One would think that the U…

Unraveling Of Economic Ties With Russia and the Western World Will Take Work and Cause Chaos

Well, we seem to have some parallels in history which are fairly unfortunate, and something that most people don’t want to talk about it. That is to say the Russian takeover of Crimea, and perhaps the Ukraine as well, and the parallel being that little deal that Chamberlain had made with Adolf Hitler, and everyone knows we don’t want a repeat of any sort of history like that. Of course, this gives all the academics, State Department, Council on Foreign Relations, and diplomats something to do and talk about. It’s all the buzz at the UN as you’d expect.

The Danger Within

We would be wise to understand just what George Washington meant in his farewell address. Even back in 1796 Washington new of the dangers that could befall this new nation. Today, those dangers are right at our doorstep.

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