The shipping crisis is even worse than you think — here’s why

The Flaws of Austerity

Austerity is the future for the United Kingdom, whether we like it or not – at least that’s the way it seems. Prime minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne are still steering this country into a sea of budget cuts and privatisation. What are the reasons for this aggressive economic action plan?

Record Suicide Rates Over Crushing Amount of Student Loan Debt – Sad Yet Understandable

Confronting high levels of debt without any means to pay off the balance has upshots beyond your bank account and overall value. High debt load can result in high levels of emotional agony, depression, anger and sometimes even suicide. No matter how tough the situation might seem like, remember that suicide is not the ultimate solution to all your problems. Life could be tough to deal with, particularly when you’re suffocated by an overwhelming amount of student loan debt. Just remember one thing – life is quite similar to mathematics; with every problem comes a solution. All the best!

Who’s In Charge Here?

With all the crises going on in the world today, it can seem like God is no where to be found. But what is the truth? Is God in control?

United Nations Interested In Welfare Of Occupy Wall Street Movement!

I noticed that the occupy wall street movement people will have their case brought up at the annual United Nations Human Rights council meeting. WERE OCCUPY WALL STREET PEOPLE MANHANDLED? It has been alleged that the occupy wall street protesters were “manhandled,” That they were mistreated physically as well as legally.

Occupy Wall Street Demands Homeowners Be Allowed To Keep Owning!

I realize that a lot of pundits like to characterize the occupy wall street movement people we all see on television as a bunch of commie-pinko-bedwetters. OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT ARE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE! However, I see a different side.

Can Tasmania Claw Its Way Out Of Recession?

The inhabitants of the twentysixth largest island in the world, Tasmania, are facing bleak times. Tasmania is in the grip of a recession. Listed below are some possible alternative steps, to establish and bring prosperity to the island State, once more. From relocating more Commonwealth department offices to the island, promoting the island’s natural economic advantages, and ensuring a more bipartisan approach amongst the States, will assist to lift Tasmania, out of its economic woes.

Dreaded Repercussions of a Financial Crisis

Hyperinflation will bring hardship to the middle and lower classes, rendering the purchasing power of their income and savings less and less as the financial crisis worsens and is headed toward a blow-off top. A new currency will eventually need to be launched and backed by some hard assets such as gold and silver and perhaps a selection of the strongest and most stable currencies, usually of countries whose economies are based on oil. When and how we will get to that stage is unfortunately anybody’s guess, as we will be in uncharted waters, where the collapse of multiple fiat currencies will take place and dire consequences such as food riots and civil unrest will ensue. Those with incomes greater than $1 million and those with access to farming facilities may survive the ordeal. The remainder, however, will get “slaughtered.” We have the government’s deficit spending Keynesian model of economics to thank for this, as we were the ones who voted the government into power. Would it make any difference if the government was changed and its economic model superseded by the Austrian model promulgated by von Mises? Time will tell at the cost of many human livelihoods.

Can RBI Control the Downfall of the Indian Rupee?

The value of Indian rupee is vulnerable, as is it impacted by any changes in the international currency value, market trends, and demands for various goods and services. The downfall of the Indian rupee affects the traders who import goods and services from the International market, as they might end up paying a higher amount. The cost of consumable products tends to increase and can pinch the budget of domestic buyers.

What Can I Do to Prepare for a Financial Crisis?

Inasmuch as one needs to take the economic crisis seriously, it would be more beneficial if one were to identify the means by which the goal of self-preservation, both physically and financially, could be achieved long before the onset of the blow-off top. Being prepared is a valid step to take only if that step is taken in advance of the event for which preparations need to be made. The importance of taking the necessary measures now in order to secure one’s well-being later in the future cannot therefore be over-emphasized.

Who’s Really To Blame?

No one can deny that our country is in serious economic trouble. With all the finger pointing going on, the following article is designed to give you some “food for thought” on the real culprit(s) behind the situation that we’re in.

More On Occupy Wall Street Demands!

We have all seen in the news the comments about some companies being “too big to fail.” The idea being that some companies are so large and entrenched in the American economy that if it were to go down it would bring down so much of the American economy with it.

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