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SF Bay Area Job Losses More Than National Figure Due to Recession

Losing job by the bread winner of the family has been identified as one of the disastrous consequences of economic recession. Ever since the US economy started its downturn, there emerged innumerable problems like the foreclosure fiasco, arising out of the ballooning effect of adjustable rate mortgages, the primary home loan feature, many of the unwary Americans fell for.

What’s Wrong With the Unemployment Numbers?

This economy is far from out of the woods, and it won’t be until there is robust and sustainable growth in the private sector. When that happens we’ll see a real drop in the unemployment rate, not one spuriously induced by questionable statistical methods.

Could Another 2 Million Jobs Be Lost in US?

The employment situation in the United States is scary. The bad news is it could get worse. The problem is states in the red are facing huge employee layoffs to facilitate budget problems.

Middle Class Frustration and Anger in a Nutshell

I am a registered nurse, and have worked in the profession for 32 years. The vast majority of that time, I have worked as a maternity nurse in Washington DC.

Don’t You Dare Call China Price Increases Due to Labor Costs Inflation in the US!

Okay so, the writing is on the walls, China’s labor rates are going to increase finally. I say finally because with the Chinese currency being manipulated downward the nation had a great advantage in trade, almost to the point of being called onto the carpet at the WTO by its biggest trading partners, nations like the US that remain its exporting mainstay and for the most part the reality of their successful economic rise. And what a rocket ship the Chinese economy has been too, 10% year-over-year growth for; get this – three-decades!

What If All the Underlying Assumptions Determining Economic Outcomes Were Wrong?

Investors and the people who support them have the job of determining the risks and managing the risks to maximize gains. What if the very assumptions driving this effort were wrong?

Time For National Cyber Security and Warfare Command

The future wars of nations will be fought on the Internet where bits and bytes will will do battle over bombs and swords. Nigeria must develop capability to defend itself as the world web war hits up.

What is Our Middle Class Worth to Us?

Name me one country that has generated significant and sustainable economic, political and social growth without a significant middle-class. I hardly think there is any one such country.

If the Workers at DHL Had Accepted Union Representation

Any candidate for public office should, endeavour to respond to each and every one of the emails, comments and letters that they receive in a thorough as well as in a timely manner. Due to the nature and subject matter of some of requests one is not always able to do so.

2010-2011 Economic Predictions For the “Average Joe”

Average Joe Prediction #1: The economy will slump into another recession by the end of 2010. This is double trouble for the Average Joe. You combine a slowing economy with high unemployment, along with the end of tax cuts and you end up with a situation that will squeeze the middle class. To combat this problem, focus your effort on keeping a reserve of cash on hand, as well as current or future sources or ideas of generating extra income quickly.

Are We Seeing Deflation?

Some experts believe that we will see deflation, followed by inflation. Current trends in housing and in the grocery store indicate tat we are currently in the midst of deflation.

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