These New Yorkers Think Global Warming Caused COVID

A Clog In The Financial Plumbing

A spike in failures of Treasury repos hints at growing problems in the financial system’s plumbing. Until the clogs are removed, the flow of money will continue to struggle to reach equilibrium.

What Effects Does the National Debt Have on the Average Consumer?

You often hear about the national debt on the news. But what effect does it have on you as a consumer? This article explains how the national debt affects you in many more ways than you might imagine.

A Libertarian Free Market Defense of Walmart? Not So Fast

Walmart is often defended by those claiming to be advocates of the free market. As we will see, no such defense is possible.

Demand Management Policies and Economies of the World

The demand management policies seem to be unfit to solve the problems related to recession. This is evident from the persisting economic woes.

Economics As a Career Option

The study of economics would lead to making the best decisions in one’s life. It’s all about effective utilization of the scarce resources.

The Greatest Danger

Yes, these are perilous times and yet the greatest dangers have always laid hidden. Hidden under the facade of disjointed policies that continually do more harm than good. For years our own apathy, our own complacency, and our own reluctance to accept the fact that under our very own feet lies in wait the greatest financial Armageddon we will be faced with.

“Collapse at Any Time”? Probably It Will Fit the Biblical Appointed Time for Trumpets, Lev 23:24

The grass in Revelation 8:7 decodes to riches, James 1:9-11, King James. We might expect the economy to have trouble at the end of the 3rd quarter. It coincides with the biblical time for trumpets.

The Money Changers

The world today is filled with graft, corruption and greed at just about every institution there is. Whether it is our politicians, the increasing number of banks that continue to sprout up, to the many mortgage companies that have come to dominate the housing market and our for profit universities, all have their hands in, you guessed it, the cookie jar. Every one is grabbing up hordes of your hard earned money.

Understanding The Principle Of Economics

Economics is based on two facts. The first is that the human need for goods and services is insatiable. The second fact is that there is a scarcity in the resources needed to produce the good and services. It is the role of the economy to decide on the proper allocation of these scarce resources to ensure the satisfaction of the members of the society. Most economic problems are caused by the scarcity of resources.

The Hard Cold Reality

With media attention now focusing on mid term elections where incumbent legislators are poised to capitalize on the recent unemployment figures just shows how figures can be manipulated to ensure that the status quo remains intact. Deceptive in every way are these reported figures for they really don’t show the true nature of how depressed our current economic climate really is. Reporting to be a bright spot where unemployment figures have fallen is so tantalizing to so many legislators and the Administration to capitalize on these distorted facts and figures for this mid term election.

Socialist Economists Are Dangerous and Their Academic Arrogance Knows No Bounds

Let’s talk about economics for a moment, yes one of my favorite subjects, and maybe I’ve lived through too many bubbles, and economic cycles, who knows, maybe I am cynical to boot. But it’s time we had a heart to heart on this one. There was an interesting article in the New Yorker on May 13, 2014 titled; “Rebellious Economics Students Have a Point,” written by John Cassidy.

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