They Trusted Us | An Original Poem by Roderick Falconer

Out of Work, Over 50: Bad Times in the Job Market

In a matter of weeks, Federal Unemployment extensions will end for over two million people. For those out of work over 99 weeks this makes little difference. They are already out of money. People out of work over two years feel tremendous despair at ever finding work again.

How to Save Your Money and Save Your Local Business This Holiday

How important is it to buy from your local business this holiday? This is written after Black Friday, so perhaps you are done with your shopping at a superstore. However, do you associate Thanksgiving with shopping? Are you more worried about holiday shopping that what each holiday really means to you? Read on…

When Europe’s Economy Does Fully Implode Who Else Will It Take Down With It?

Some folks have stated that it is possible that Europe can get through this economic crisis without imploding, but I tend to disagree with that assessment. And each time the EU works to shore up one of its challenges in its banking sector, with its currency, or in negotiation with one of the countries known as the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain) – all I notice is that proverbial can being kicked farther down the road. In fact, it is adding insult to injury for bondholders, investors, and it is causing chaos on the global market.

Work Abroad: Why Fight For A Job At Home When Other Countries Are Hiring?

Few college graduates seriously consider going to work abroad, and choose instead to fight it out for a dwindling number of good jobs in the U.S. and other Western countries. But why? A world of opportunity is out there waiting for those bold enough to go find it.

How Much Power Does China Wield Since It Owns So Much US Government Debt (Tax Payer Debt)?

Debt is the number one export of the USA. China owns more US Debt than any other country or institution. It’s not in China’s interest to cause the US problems, but think how much power you wield over someone who owes you money and can’t afford to pay it back.

Should the Federal Reserve Bailout the EuroZone, Euro, and ECB – Can They?

It is amazing the amount of talk about the European financial fiasco, and how the European Union is doomed in the future. That it may not look the same in 5-years time, and that it will have to shed many of the most socialist nations with run-away debt and poor fiscal policies. Okay so, let’s talk about this and let’s ponder some of the potential solutions being floated shall we?

The Fed Asks, ‘How Bad Is Bad Enough?’

No cream-puff challenges here. The Fed’s latest stress test uses a nightmare scenario so we can rest easier.

QE 3 Is On Its Way – Make No Mistake About It!

Of all the various indexes out there, the one we are interested in is called the “Misery” index. Yes this is its actual name. The sum of the unemployment rate plus the rate of consumer price inflation equals the misery index. This index is now close to its all-time high. There are several major factors that are affecting its increase.

Occupying Wall Street Protests: Americans Are Finally Understanding It

On September 17, 2011 a small group of people gathered in New York to begin a protest that would soon turn into a non-violent revolution with people around the world joining in. The protest was staged to bring attention to that 1% in the nation that hold most of the country’s wealth gained through collusion with state and national government and the back breaking labor of the other 99% of the American citizens who have sweated for generations to further line the pockets of big business.

A New Dream

To follow our dreams is to open ourselves to the world. Dreams require commitment and faith, a sense of self.

The Effect of Gas Prices on the Economy

The USA consumes 400 million gallons of gasoline every day. This with the burgeoning demand from developing nations such as China for gas, has pushed gas prices to record highs, and having an all-pervasive and on-balance a damaging effect on the US economy.

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