This Is How Everyday Americans Can Fight Foreign Infiltration

Here Is The Cause of Recessions

A tongue-in-cheek parody, this chronology of events will explain how the economic dilemmas of recessions get their start. In 1979 I purchased property with an investor friend. Our plan was to build two custom homes on adjacent lots on a golf course and sell them for a profit.

One More at the Party – Estonia

The Eurozone welcomed a new comrade on the first day of 2011: Estonia. And of course the question of ‘what will this mean for us now?’ was on everyone’s lips. Estonia is now the 17th country to adopt the Euro, and the new question on many economists lips is, ‘will the single currency even survive?’

The New Economic Policy Preaches Stability and Growth

The new economic policy of the current US government has the focus on economic recovery and the financial reconstruction. This new policy states that the current economic crisis occurred due to the irresponsibility of many years. The first priority of the new economic policy is centered to create jobs for the American’s.

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Interview

When you interview for that job you are hoping to get remember that how you act during that interview may be more important the the best prepared resume. Here are the interview behaviors to avoid.

Inflationary Nightmare Coming Soon?

Inflation and particularly food price inflation now a major concern around the world. But has it really begun. Is it really here?

Excessive Greed Is Economic Reality

For several years, the entire world, including the United States, has been undergoing a severe economic recession, with record bankruptcies, bank closures, corporate failures, and extreme rates of unemployment. However, as in all things economic and political, all entities have not suffered equally. While many people struggle, and demand for many items, including gasoline have fallen, certain companies have prospered.

Economics, Fear, and Faith: A Way to Calm Economic Stress

Unemployment continues to rise; people despair of finding jobs. We all see the gloomy forecast before us continually. It is not easy to keep from being oppressed by fear. But this is not the first economic depression in history. How did people handle it in the past?

Wall Street Blames the Average American for the Meltdown

Wall Street wants Americans to believe that poor people and the Middle Class were the causes of the global financial crisis. Not! Most of us lost all or a major part of our life’s savings because of the way Wall Street was allowed to run its business-hand’s off, “We want complete freedom to do whatever we want. Freedom, freedom, that’s what we need! Freedom!” Let’s talk about what really happened!

Top Ways to Profit From Current Rising Food Costs

There are many people at the moment a little scared to see that inflation is slowly creeping in and affecting food prices. Some prices has on the shelves have double and tripled in only a few weeks. This has not only mums and dads panicking but also investors are being more selective on where they are putting their money.

Hyper Inflation – Monster at the Door

Do you want to know where the federal government convoluted programs are leading us? Are we headed towards a depression era economy? Has overspending with huge deficits gone the wrong way in getting our economy back on track? The following article tries to pass on a glimmer of hope may be on the way.

More Bad News for Jobs in Newport

Newport’s University has released concerning details about the possible loss of jobs with a projected funding cut of 2 million from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. This is in addition to talks regarding a merger with other local higher eduction institutions which could mean further Newport job losses through redundancies. This will not come as welcomed news for Newport’s job seekers or those currently in employment as it adds the list of concerning proposals to cut jobs at Newport City Council and other state-funding bodies including Office for National Statistics and the Passport Office.

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