“This is so much bigger than basketball”- Jonathan Isaac on Refusing the NBA’s Vaccine Mandate

Hyperinflation – Five Shocking Facts

As time passes prices have a tendency to rise, this is inflation and it’s a very common occurrence amongst all nations. Efforts to curb rising inflation are put into place by governments and central banks. Then there is deflation which occurs less frequently. Deflation can been seen as a general reduction in wages and over-all prices while at the same time the inflation rate drops below zero. Occurring at a much lesser degree is hyperinflation, a very rare event. Hyperinflation is an event that does not affect or trouble nations often. However if and when it does it leaves behind a path of destruction with such force, it will completely wipe-out an entire society.

Forex Markets Respond To Cyprus Savings Seizure

This article continues to follow the downward spiral of the bad decision of the Cypriot government to confiscate private property from its citizens in the form of a levy on savings. This move to bolster a bailout deal is already causing fluctuations in the Forex markets.

Is This the Beginning of the End for the Euro?

Unless you have had your head in the clouds for the last few years, you would have read on many occasions about the problems facing the Euro. The headline case has been the bailout of Greece, but other countries like Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal are in real turmoil still.

4 Reasons to Bet Against the Shekel This Spring

If you have been following financial news lately, you would have noticed that the majority of economic powers are struggling to keep their heads above water. The US sequester began on March 1, the EU economies are continuing to suffer, and the UK credit rating was recently downgraded. On the other side of things, the Shekel seems to be taking the cake when it comes to relative economic strength lately.

NRI Community in the UAE Warned of Moneylenders

While the vast majority of non-resident Indians will move overseas for employment, new opportunities and a new way of life, it seems that many are still falling into debt traps. In fact the UAE authorities have come forward to confirm that money lenders are now circulating within the Indian and the Philippine expat communities. Many of them are charging in excess of 10% per month for relatively small loans which can quickly spiral out of control and leave individuals in debt for many months or even years to come.

Right Now the Market Risk for Investors Is Higher Than Ever

One thing we learned from the 2008 crisis was that Banks and wall street are willing to take huge risks in order to get bigger gains, however due to the high leverage that they take with their investments and financial instruments when things go wrong they do so in a huge scale. But the reason they are willing to take those high risks is because they know that they cant go bankrupt because they are too big to fail and therefore the Federal Reserve will save them or all hell will break loose…

Why Your Town Needs a Recruitment, Retention, and Relocation Networking Group

Why just the other day, I was talking to an interesting fellow, he happened to be the chairman of the board of a local Chamber of Commerce around here. There are many cities, many chambers of commerce, and he wanted his chamber to be the best in the region. He explained to me that the governor of Texas was in our county trying to recruit our largest employer to move to Texas.

Fractional Reserve Banking – Building a Nation on Debt!

I have many discussions with Members about the Federal Reserve and its involvement in building our nation’s debt bubble. The question that often arises is not a simple one to answer, but to what extent is the Federal Reserve complicit in the development of our debt bubble, or is it simply a necessary piece without which our capitalistic system could not work?

All You Need To Know About Home Foreclosures

Home foreclosures are the options most individuals who are searching a home to buy opt for. Foreclosures simply mean a lawful process that the lender uses to recover a certain amount of money from a borrower who has refused to pay.

Why The US Dollar Is Now 95 Percent Devalued Since The Federal Reserve Was Created

Why has the U.S. dollar devalued by 95 percent since the Federal Reserve was created? This has been caused by inflation. Perpetuating inflation is something that the Federal Reserve is very good at and something that has serious consequences for everybody in the future.

The Cyprus Bank Deposit Confiscation Is a Dangerous Precedent

This weekend the International Monetary Fund made a deal with the Government of Cyprus to Bailout the Island so they can avoid a painful default and financial collapse and would take them out of the Euro. The problem is that the proposal imposes a tax on the citizens of Cyprus bank deposits. If you have less than $100,000 euros you will be taxed 6.7% and if you have above that amount you will be taxed 9.9%.

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