This Is the Biggest Threat America Faces Today

The Storage Auction Business Has Changed, to the Detriment of Some

Let’s face it, the storage auction game has changed & it could be permanent. Never before have I seen the influx of new buyers attending storage auctions like now. The prices of storage units up for sale have definitely doubled if not tripled in cost in a matter of months.

How to Improve the Economic Development of a Rebuilding Country

When I was a little girl, my parents, who were Holocaust survivors, were virtually penniless. I grew up in a tenement in Spanish Harlem in New York City. Every day was a challenge to get through to the next measly paycheck.

Egyptian Government Loses $90 Million

For the past few days, a major revolt against the current Egyptian government has been taking place. As a result, authorities have blocked internet and mobile phone services in an effort to break down communication in the country and quell what could otherwise become a very bloody rebellion. A report by the Associated Press stated that the revolt may have cost the Egyptian government more than $90 million. The OECD reported that the blocked services stand for around 3-4 percent of Egypt’s economic productivity. The international policy think tank suggested that, as a result, the Egyptian economy loses about $18 million for every day that the revolt continues.

A Stock Exchange Needs More Than A Big Tree

On May 17, 1792, 24 stock brokers met under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street. Lower Manhattan has been a center of financial activity ever since, and the swells of suited stockbrokers on those streets at lunchtime have come to seem inevitable.

Money Managers Look Forward To 2011

Are Banks going to fail despite the Tarp Bailout? How about the return of Billion Dollar IPO? Could we see this on the road map for 2011? These are just some of the topics discussed by the Willis Watchdogs on Fox Business.

Window Cleaning: A Profitable Profession And Business

In some countries, people who clean for a living might have the same privileges and have the same income of those who have their careers built around the window cleaning industry in the United Kingdom. In the US, some jobs are paying less than $70,000 a year but for some UK based window cleaners, if they are experienced enough to handle large projects for companies, they can typically earn as much as £100,000 a year or $145,000. Now if that isn’t a money making profession, then I don’t know what is.

Seven Tips To Get Ahead in a Global Economy

Getting ahead in the next decade of austerity and limited growth, may become harder for some, but there are seven ways in which could help you thrive and develop a worthwhile career. What are the seven ways you could become a success in the next decade?

The Reasons For the Different Types of Risks Faced by Banks

Banks face a number of different types of risks in their day-to-day business activities. These different risk types and how they arise are not always clearly understood by the public at large, often giving rise to many misconceptions. This article serves to clarify what these risks are and what gives rise to them.

Is Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program a Bust?

Homeowners are being forced to sue their mortgage servicers in a last ditch effort to get what they were promised – a modified mortgage. Lawsuits are popping up all over the country as homeowners are growing increasingly frustrated at the less than stellar results of President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

What Is Your Portion of the National Debt?

Everywhere I look today, I’m seeing the national budget and debt being talked about in the news. Under the media’s consistent stories that all is improving; that the worst is over; and things are getting better, there is an undercurrent of unrest. We want to believe them, but should we? There are signs between the clouds that there are improvements in some things. One of the issues has to do with how accurate are the systems in place to really measure things like unemployment or housing sales? At the same time, Bernanke is getting ready to try QEIII (Quantitative Easing III)!

2 Issues with The United States Financial Crisis

United States Financial Crisis? National Debt? Unfunded Liabilities?

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