This Is What It’s Like to Make Movies Outside of Hollywood

Free Markets Become Fascism As the Line Between the Private and Public Sector Fades

A revolving door exists between the decision makers in government and the executives in the so called private industries they regulate. The key to restoring freedom in this country is to eliminate the special interest groups in everything. Lobbyists should go packing. The partnership between government and private industry must end.

Knowing the Largest Convention Center of the World

There are various aspects of the dispute regarding the status of the largest convention center of the world. The may have different sub units or the building may host various similar but smaller centers. The conventions centers can be categorized as bigger or smaller in terms of their areas, capacity, and the total number of people it can host at a time.

How Economic History Has Repeated Itself

The question of how Economic History has repeated itself has become quite relevant during this latest economic downturn, an Economic Depression for millions of Americans. Many, so called Experts, wring their hands claiming it’s a World wide catastrophe and nothing could have been done to prevent it.

China’s Economy Is Hitting the Brakes

The Organization of Economic Development is pointing to a slowdown in China’s leading economic indicators. They’ve based their prediction on the declining velocity of shipping, fuel usage, fertilizer production, raw steel manufacturing, capacity utilization and stock market turnover. Rising interest rates and slower turnover are key signs of a slowing economy.

Using a Foundation RFP Process to Provide Grant Funding to Charities

A helpful way to have an organized and more strategic approach is to issue a formal Request For Proposals (RFP) that applicants then respond to by providing specific and detailed information. In this way the foundation is more likely to receive the same information from each charity and can evaluate these applicants fairly. The template below can be helpful in understanding what to include in the RFP and how the RFP can be structured for maximum efficiency.

The Differences Between Inflation, Deflation and Stagflation Revealed

Over the course of many years economic cycles go through periods of inflation, deflation and stagflation. Each one of these has a specific effect on the overall economy as a whole and sometimes can lead to deep long lasting recessions or depressions.

Living in a Goldilocks Economy

You’ve probably heard the term Goldilocks economy. Who would have ever thought that the market would be so interested in that little girl with the curly golden locks.

Saudi Arabia Addresses Its Future Water Needs

Saudi Arabia’s original model of addressing its water poverty is no longer sustainable. Once producing up to 70 percent of the country’s water needs, a growing demand for water is exhausting this solution at a rate that demands a change in the government’s policy and in its citizens’ demands for water.

World Economy 2011

The United Nations is working hard to accomplish our Millennium Development Goal of eliminating extreme poverty. The World Economic Forum has just finished its meeting in Davos Switzerland and is reporting on some of the problems, solutions and progress we are already making.

Is The “Golden Radio Voice” Video Sensation Ted Williams Doomed?

Yesterday, a friend I was talking to asked me what I thought about Ted Williams, the man who just a couple of weeks ago was homeless-and had been for years; the man with a history of substance abuse–but a magnificent “golden” voice. The story has become a worldwide media sensation. After someone videotaped him while he was panhandling on the side of the road, and showcased his soothing baritone voice, the video went viral almost immediately, and was viewed by over 13 million people.

Distributed Prosperity

Human civilization is whatever we, the people of earth, make it. We can improve the distribution of the benefits of our booming world economy, by making it more friendly for small scale free enterprise. Big business can be designed to serve small business in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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