This Is Why Everything Is Manufactured in China

HIV Research Funding – Why Is It Missing?

The underfunded scientists continue to fight HIV with the limited means at their disposal, but it’s time the public put some pressure on pharmaceutical companies to make an effort in finding a cure for HIV by increasing HIV research funding. Unfortunately, the reality is that they’d rather pour tons of money into marketing their drugs.

Are We Living Beyond Our Means?

The state of the economy affects the state of the property market, both directly (sales prices) and indirectly (difficult loans). Without being necessarily experts on the economy, we understand that the way out of the prevailing situation is to encourage development and business expansion, to add confidence to those daring investors, especially those involved in large projects and reduce bureaucracy. We will also add that we need some sort of “economy patriotism” by all of us, so the individual “sacrifice” large or small can benefit the whole country.

Iran’s “Major Economic Surgery” Now a Reality

Iran, as a country between globalization and isolation, tradition and modernity has had an utmost importance at the international arena. Recently, this increasing attention has focused almost on the same issues such as nuclear program of Iran, UN sanctions. Nevertheless, economic performance of Iran with its cautious approach to globalization has attracted respectively less attention of international media. In this performance, long-lasting subsidies given by the Government of Iran to energy, food and some services have an important role in terms of its effects to country’s budget, monetary policy, development plans and social welfare.

Crash-Proofing Our Prosperity in the New Paradigm of the World

Americans seem to be at a loss today to find an answer to the question, “who are we”? We have associated ourselves to be the leader in the world of many things. This has been true since about 1948 when the west surged upward and away from the rest of the world in many different categories including being the reserve currency for the entire world.

World Economic Forum Will Showcase Confident Leaders

The crisis of the past few years may well be behind us now, so say many of the business owners and leaders who participate in the WEF (World Economic Forum) held each year. This year the non-profit Swiss foundation will hold its annual meeting from January 26 through the 30th at the eastern Alps region as usual, in Davos Switzerland. Political leaders from around the globe, along with economists, journalists, intellectuals, and top businessmen will converge to discuss world issues ranging from finances to the environment and world health. Business opportunities will grow based on confidence in the world’s future.

Evolving Economies and Their Reliance on Wireless Internet

The changing face of different societies around the United States and the world is largely due to evolving economies and the general shift away from the same methods and practices of work that were employed during the industrial revolution. As the so-called ‘BRIC’ countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China continue to grow at accelerated rates, the U.S. is faced with a serious concern for how they will keep up with the stiff competition. Computer developers and programmers are well aware of this reality, and have been hard at work speeding up the tools and wireless Internet services that we rely on for our everyday jobs.

Send Obama To Egypt!

Given the leftist-driven uprisings in the Middle East, notably in Egypt these days, wouldn’t it make more sense to send Mr. Obama over there? Not that it would take much to entice him to make a fundamental transformation in his own job description, but here are some selling points – advantages for all involved – for the idea of promoting the president to pharaoh….

The Financial Situation In Europe

The global financial crisis has taken Europe by surprise: it revealed a Union of 27 Member States that is anything but homogeneous and a Euro zone that is more fragile than it was thought it might become when first created. Although part of a Common Market run by a set of unified rules, the economies of the 27 Member States reacted in as many ways to the economic downturn.

Will the UK Be Pushed Into a Deeper Recession by Austerity Tactics?

Could it possibly be true that the UK government’s policies on forced austerity and economical ways be responsible for pushing the country backwards and into another recession or even extending the one that has been in effect these past few years? George Soros, famous fund manager and investor issued a warning urging the government to modify some of the spending cuts because they are going to do more harm than good overall. Mr. Soros, who was speaking while attending the World Economic Forum which is held annually at Davos Switzerland, gave his opinion in regards to inflation and the fine balance of spending versus prices. He is known by the distinction of breaking the pound as the 1992 currency crisis was in effect, resulting in a devaluation of sterling.

How The National Debt Could Start Spiraling Out Of Control

The national debt of the United States is well over $14 trillion these days. The number is high enough that there is now some actual serious discourse about what to do about it. Unfortunately, we may be moving into a crisis stage that will soon call for draconian changes.

Economy Facts – 3 Basics of Capitalism

We are not being taught economics too well in the US anymore. Yes, there are lots of subjects to learn and little time to learn them in. However, some basic economic knowledge is necessary just to be able to implement a home budget. Beyond that, having a good understanding of basic economics helps one determine when politicians are shooting straight or when they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

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