This vaccine scientist was banned from Twitter — here’s why

How the Financial Meltdown Has Changed All the Rules, Or Should Have

Four years after it began, we still find ourselves mired in some level of the Financial Meltdown. We’re all sitting around waiting for politicians, economists and industry leaders to fix what’s broken in the economy, but have you noticed that doesn’t seem to be working? Maybe it’s time for us to get busy. And since we have the “handbook”-the Bible-perhaps as Christians we need to take the lead.

Economists Predict Modest Jobs Gains for October

Most economists, across the political spectrum, predict that employers will add just enough jobs to keep the nations unemployment rate from spiking. Economists believe that only approximately 100,000 jobs were added for the month of October 2011. Some believe it will be just barely adequate to keep up with the rate of population growth.

Qantas Dispute – Corporate Greed or Just Rewards

One wonders how a massive pay rise to the Qantas CEO in the middle of strikes and discontent by the workforce for more pay in their wages was justified. The outcome was expensive indeed for the Company who now must pay out millions in compensation and for accommodation and other things because of his actions.

Recession or Depression – GE Summit Fails

The GE summit was a talk fest for the rich while members continued to uphold corporate greed. Politicians are loath to upset the big end of town so no solution was possible, but those who are being pushed further into poverty may yet do what these delegates could not.

Does Free Market Capitalism Create Machiavellian Type Wealthy Predators?

Many a detractor of Ayn Rand’s philosophy pertaining to free market capitalism contends that such a system sets up a survival of the fittest scenario whereby entrepreneurial capitalists economically enslave the masses to serve their personal needs. Further they contend that this creates a huge wealth gap between rich and poor to the point employees or the working class live in poverty, and thus, without a re-distribution system in place and stringent regulations the populous is left abused, used, and confused. Well, this isn’t really so, although you’d think from all the negative teleprompter class warfare comments it must…

Has Capitalism in America Forgotten the Needs of the Community?

Some may content that our current economic engine has sputtered because our capitalist system has left the community in the dust and is only interested in exploiting labor, markets, and consumers. I would offer a different summation to that claim, and it’s unfortunate that so many people do not understand “free market capitalism” enough to hold their own on this simple argument. Let’s discuss this shall we?

Is the Business World Corrupt – Is Capitalism Bad?

Many folks believe that the business world is corrupt, that capitalism has failed, and that we must change to improve our nation, or at least this is what they hope to happen. Still, this is the wrong approach and attitude, and the Occupy Protestors just don’t understand, but I guess it is understandable, as the teleprompter in chief, community protest organizer doesn’t either. Okay so, now I’ve got your blood boiling don’t I, well, tough luck, because it’s time you learned the reality and a little bit about why free market capitalism has made us into the greatest nation in…

Crony Capitalism Must Be Defeated and Free Market Capitalism Must Survive

Crony Capitalism and Free Market Capitalism are not the same, and you can be for one and not the other. Lumping it all into one, and then condemning capitalism is an unfair charge, Indeed, I’d like to explain this all to you if you have a few moments. Not long ago, I met an individual and we got to talking about how our free market system has been hijacked on Wall Street and our Corporation’s largest board rooms due to the incestuous relationship in Washington DC where big-time politicians cut endless favors for their powerful wealthy friends.

Free Market – What Free Market, Where?

Apparently, somehow folks in the United States, at least a good portion of them have been convinced that capitalism has failed. That is utter horse crap. What has failed is our leaders who have usurped the fundamentals of free-market capitalism forming an unhealthy and incestuous relationship with Wall Street and Big Business.

China Rescuing the EU By Buying Bad Bogus Debt

As a geo-political analyst, amongst other important endeavors, sometimes I find myself intrigued with “What If” scenarios. One recent scheme in the news was for the Euro Zone to sell debt to China to bail out various EU member nation-states, and without getting into which ones because we are all already familiar with them, I thought this might be a great topic for discussion. You see, there was an interesting post on the Forbes’ Blog Network the other day by Gordon Chang (October 30, 2011) titled; “Will Europe Rescue China?”

How to Deal With Financial Uncertainty in the Present World

The premise of the article is to explore the proposition for spreading your business or asset protection between many jurisdictions, meaning that you setup a structure that utilizes a number of jurisdictions. This requires the right capabilities from services and infrastructure located in different jurisdictions so that in the event one area has a problem it doesn’t stop everything.

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