Trans athletes are dominating their opponents — will the NCAA step in?

Machine Tool After Crisis

2010 “World Machine Tool Production and Consumption Survey” shows that the overall global metal processing manufacturing industry out of recession. Over the past two years, the growth of production fluctuations.

Should China Allow Their Currency to Float and Stop Manipulating It?

It has become pretty popular in the U.S. Congress to bash China for messing around with the trade flows, and manipulating its currency, and who can blame congressmen and women who want to improve the unemployment rates for not picking on someone, or some other influence outside the United States to blame?

Who is the IMF to Lecture the US on Economic Affairs?

Not long ago, there was an excellent TV movie called; “Too Big to Fail” which was about the global economic crisis, the TARP bailout, and the fall of Lehman Brothers. The new head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and former finance minister for France sure gave the United States Treasury Department a hard time during that period for not bailing out Lehman Brothers. And now the IMF is faced with trying to get everyone on board, in a similar situation to bail out Greece.

Choose: Incentives Or Freedom

For all of us living in the so called “free world” (a concept that was very clear a few decades ago but becomes largely blur now), it is very hard to gain conscience that we are not, in fact, entirely free, even if that is our objective or understanding. Let me put it in other words: we are free to make (most) of our choices, but “someone” is giving a hand in making those choices, influencing us to go in a certain direction.

How to Avoid the Economic Downturn

Nowadays, when one looks at the economic picture, it’s easy to lose hope that things will get better any time soon. The “Elite” holds 90% of the wealth on this planet and is still hoarding more and more by the minute.

Understanding the Effects of Natural and Man-Made Disasters on Unemployment and GDP

Historically, economic damage cost-to-date in the US is around $6 billion dollars from a combination of winter storms, crop losses, spring flooding and severe weather. According to NCDC at NOAA, the economic damage costs for the period from January 1, 2011 through May 2011 are already $32 billion dollars, representing an increase of over 533 percent.

How to Regulate the Economy

Some people think that the economy does best when it is left alone. It is a self-regulating system. Others disagree; they think that the opposite is true. Markets should not be left alone; governments should regulate them, as they always did. And many of us think that too much regulation is likely to be as bad as too little.

From Financial Checkers to Chess

People who are familiar with the popular board games of checkers and chess understand that there are vast differences between the two, even though they are played on the same board. Checkers involves a simple, linear game where the objective is to capture all of the opposing players through simple jumps and reach the other side of the board so that a player can be “Kinged” and move both forward and backward on the playing board.

Is China In Economic Financial Trouble?

We’ve all heard that famous quote; “what goes around comes around” and perhaps you’ve used it quite a few times in your own life. Personally, I’ve seen lots of people over the years, and lots of companies, politicians, and governments pull fast ones, and never really had to pay for their dastardly deeds. However, it is poetic justice when someone gets what they deserve, and perhaps that’s the reason we remember it so well when it occurs.

Riding It Out On The Great Financial Roller Coaster, United State’s Early Panics: Part 4 of 4

In this, the final article of a 4 part series examining the history of American financial crises, we’ll examine the mother of all financial busts, the Great Depression. In part 3, we detailed the boom of the Roaring Twenties and the introduction of consumer credit, which caused American’s to buy many more luxuries than they could actually afford.

Silver Profit During Dollar Crisis

One prominent individual positively supporting silver investing as a response to dollar crisis is James Turk. James Turk is the Founder of Many people often see’s advertisements around the web. Turk has specialized in international banking, global finance, and investments since 1969.

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