Truckers react to Trudeau using emergency powers

The Most Expensive Coffees

Coffee is one of the tastiest drinks that almost everyone likes. Most people would love it be able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the morning. But not many people know that coffee can be very expensive too. That’s why there’s a list of the most expensive coffee ever listed in the world.

Someone Please Remind Me, Why Is Outsourcing Good For Us?

Not to trivialize the Economics profession, but can someone remind me why outsourcing is good for us? When I see an economist on TV explain the merits of outsourcing, at that precise moment I get it, but I am left scratching my head in frustration when the segment is ends: “What did he just say?”, I muse, as I try to recall how the argument was developed.

Women Take the Reins Over Finances and Education

The reality of financial decision making is shifting in the modern world. The role of women is progressing rapidly in many important areas, including financial independence and scholastic achievement.

‘New World’ Economies Emerging

A recent trend across the spectrum of large, multi-national corporations in the United States and Europe is the emergence of “new world” economies, such as the Chinese economy, for these corporations. These “new world” economies are where growth in consumption is likely to come from, and is therefore where market opportunities lie.

We’re Not Out of the (Economic) Woods Yet

Recent machinations of government agencies making repeated attempts to talk up the US economy are not only another exercise in willful ignorance, but they are now failing to inspire the political supporters who were responsible for them gaining power in the first place. A simple analysis of rudimentary (but frequently ignored) output statistics makes this trend painfully clear.

Economic Prescription for Developing Countries!

The industrial and business environment of developing countries has been subjected to a sea of changes owing to the economic reforms and policies in the light of globalization, privatization and liberalization. A long term economic vision is necessary for these countries to establish themselves in the global market which facilitates the process of becoming self sufficient in due course of time. Let me present you with a synopsis of how this change can happen and how countries are adapting themselves in lieu of the global economic boom.

Does The Economy Have You Living In Fear?

Inspirational leaders approach life with the entrepreneur’s sense of optimism. In every problem they see opportunity; in every storm, a coming rainbow. So those among us with a measure of inspirational leadership will see that the time is now to prepare – for disaster, but more importantly for the wealth and abundance to become a safe haven for others….

Let’s Talk About the Causes of Inflation

What are some of the causes of inflation? That depends on who you ask and what day it is. Everyone has an answer to the question and no two answers are alike.

State Watchdog: Division of Consumer Services

As the state’s clearinghouse for consumer complaints, the Division of Consumer Services within the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services takes its role as a state watchdog very seriously. With over 40,000 complaints filed in 2010 – an increase of 7 percent from the previous year – the Division boasts an impressive resolution rate of over 88 percent as successfully closed or resolved.

The Six Stages of Boom, Bust, and Recovery

The persistent economic recession that was triggered by the financial crisis of 2008 and has lingered through 2010 is showing every sign that it will drag into 2011.  This is not intended to be a foreboding of doom and gloom, but an honest assessment of the fundamental mis-alignment that the economy is still attempting to reconcile.

Union Budget 2011 in India: Tax Provisions

FM Pranab Mukherjee presented the Budget for FY 2011-12 in the Parliament earlier today. As the provisions were rolled out, the Bill turned out to be a mixed bag. The FM had a tough task of balancing the conflicting goals of lower taxation, lower inflation, growth impetus, and budget deficit.

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