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The Great Depression And Its Downward Economic Spiral: Part 1 Of A 3 Part Series

In my previously published article series called “Riding It Out On The Great Financial Roller Coaster: United State’s Early Panics,” Parts 1-4, we examined the Panic of 1819 and the precedent it set for the bigger financial meltdowns that would come. We also examined the “Postwar Boom Period,” of the 1920’s about how economic growth created successful business profits which raised the standard of living for most Americans. This article, part 1 of a 3 part series, covers the beginnings of the mother of all economic meltdowns, the Great Depression. Parts 2 and 3 cover the Depression itself and its affects on America and the history of this great nation.

Dagong It – China Has Threatened to Lower Us Debt Rating without a Near Term Debt Limit Deal

Well so far we have warnings from various rating agencies that if the Congress and the Obama Administration do not come to terms for a Debt Limit Deal soon, that the United States debt rating will fall off a cliff into the abyss. We’ve read about Standard & Poor’s warning and Moody’s too, and now even China’s credit rating agency is warning the US to get a deal done. Have you ever heard of Dagong Credit Rating Agency in China?

Screwflation and the Barbeque Recovery

Economic events of the past few years have given rise to new words and terms. Thanks to the financial crisis, you are probably quite adept at using “subprime”, “bailout” and “toxic debt” in cocktail party chatter and you certainly know that our largest banks are still “too big to fail”, but have you heard of the terms “screwflation” or the “barbeque recovery”?

Is the Debt Ceiling Debate Overshadowing the More Serious Issue of Unemployment?

The debt ceiling is one of the main topics being discussed this month, and its importance is gaining momentum among the public. As we continue to rapidly approach the date by which the debt ceiling must be raised without consensus on whether or not to raise it, Americans and international citizens alike have begun to worry about the potentially catastrophic economic consequences that may await us. Not raising the debt ceiling could have devastating results for the domestic as well as global economy, as financial markets will tumble and unemployment will skyrocket even more than it is now….

How Will People Without A Lot of Money Survive the Coming Economic Turmoil?

When you look at what is happening around the developed world, you see very similar economic issues, mostly tied to debt. Along with Greece, other European countries are also struggling with the real potential of economic calamity. The U.S. is definitely not immune to the possibility of what is know as hyper inflation. This is where the costs of everyday goods go through the roof. The result is the loss in value of the American dollar. If this happens, the dollar will only buy a fraction of what it can buy today. The scary issue here is that this collapse can happen rapidly. The big question is what can an average person of average means do, to stay afloat.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Banks – What Does It Mean?

Over the past few years, a rising emphasis has been placed on companies and financial institutions’ Corporate Social Responsibility. But what does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” mean anyway? This is indeed one of the most frequently asked questions for all those dealing with CSR matters.

Socialism in the USA

The ruling class, as the most powerful and flush with resources, becomes the source of power and resources for the working class. The ruling class assumes the role of the state in a socialist system and the working class relying on this state-financial elite hybrid to provide for the collective. This is happening right now, is it not? Which side are you on?

Unfunded Liabilities Made Easy

The unfunded liabilities monster is the sum total of financial promises the United States government is promising to keep, although it has basically none of the money it is promising to pay. The unfunded liabilities are liabilities because they are promises to pay and unfunded because there are no funds to pay them.

Birth of the Disease – The Story of Medicare and Medicaid

The unfunded liabilities. What is their history? Where on Earth did they crawl from? We know that like a creature spawned from an alien ship crash, the ground in America shook during the twenty straight years of baby booming – and this is when the monster started coming out – attracted by the smell of food.

The Dreaded Origins of the Unfunded Liabilities and Social Security

Since it was created in 1935, the Social Security program has only grown – in terms of the quantity of money it is promising and the quantity of people it is promising this money to. Finally, we know that the Social Security program is funded through tax revenues. The question is, what happens when there are no funds to fund Social Security?

The Unfunded Liabilities Are Doing What to My Money!?

The unfunded liabilities have been a source of confusion, fear, and pain for Americans. Many are not sure what they are. Many are frightened by what they could mean. Many are pained by how they shame our nation. Let’s make this understandable.

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