Victory: The Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

How to Create Jobs and Restore Economic Activity in the US

We just now understand the depth of the mess that the banks and the people of Wall Street were putting us through during the wild years from 1990 to 2007. The effects of the housing market meltdown are still affecting the US economy tremendously as it is stalling job growth.

A Reason To Believe

With every day that goes by, Americans are finding themselves struggling to hold on. It is very painful for millions of Americans, and that is a major understatement.

Renewing Limited Government: Tax Limits

In latter years, Americans have fallen asleep, and have allowed their elected (and unelected) leaders to dodge the Constitutional limits on government… far too often, for far too long. Until we get back to true limited government, as defined by the Constitution, America will continue to slide toward the collectivist abyss that has claimed every great nation in history….

Is The Canadian Economic Situation – Stable?

Is there any need for us to worry about the economic instability of our country, isn’t the most distressing part over and done with now? There are possibly more challenges facing the Canadian economy than we think.

Riots In The UK Coming to America? Well The US Is Ready!

The recent uprising towards the British Government involving massive rioting in the UK just adds to anti-government sediment within America. The United States still is not able get their fiscal house in order, unemployment is very high and there is little to no hope for the middle and lower class to get ahead, because only the rich will get richer.

Double Twist and Shout

In a press release from the Federal Open Market Committee released on September 21 indicates that by June of 2012, the Federal Reserve is going to simultaneously sell $400B worth of shorter-term securities and purchase $400B of longer-term securities.  Some refer to this decision as “operation twist.

Indonesia’s Macroeconomic Health: 2012 Prediction

For the past two years, the macroeconomic situation in Indonesia has improved steadily. The economic growth of Indonesia reached 6.9 percent in Q4 of last year, exceeding the initial estimation of 6.

Asian Financial Crisis – How to Learn From the Past

The great 1997 Asian Financial Crisis (AFC) affected most countries in Southeast Asia as well as other Asian countries. During the times of trouble, people in the AFC affected countries feared that the crisis would spark a global economic meltdown.

What Greek 172% Interest Rates Mean For The Euro

No, it is not a misprint. The Financial Times reported on September 14, 2011, that three-year Greek government bonds were paying a whopping 172 percent interest.

Next Fed Meeting Will Bring Back the 60’s

Everybody knows that the Fed must do something soon and that will likely be “Operation Twist”. This new Quantitative Easing type program will center on buying longer dated bonds to bring down yields on consumer borrowing such as mortgages, car loans and credit cards.

Persuaders and Influencers

I was at a wedding recently in Kenya, two men came up to me, old friends of mine, they said “Hi,” and then asked me if I had realised that I had been coming to Kenya for 11 years. I hadn’t realised. They reminded me of the first time we met which was on my first visit to Kenya 11 years previous.

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