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Can the US Overcome Economic Trouble? Time to Become a Prepper!

The US is supposed to be a superpower. Why is the US government and society in such a shambles when it comes to our economic stability.

Can We Ever Eliminate the Spectre of Poverty?

This article explores the nature of world-wide poverty, and if it can be eradicated totally. The largest youth-run organization, “Oaktree” has made many inroads within Australia, and overseas, by bringing public awareness and social justice implementations towards diminishing severe poverty, and improving the quality of lives, in third world countries.

Inflation Now a Concern for Latin America

The comparison between economic performance in Latin America, Europe and North America could not be further apart. While Latin America continues to power ahead, with average growth of around 4% in the last four years, the situation in Europe and North America is going backwards. European and North American governments are struggling to maintain budget spending, economies are struggling to pull away from the recent downturn and indeed a number of fiscal stimulus packages are having limited impact to say the least.

Rural Economy

The rural economy is the backbone of each country. It is simply impossible to function without it.

The Big Lie: The Economic Downturn

The current economic collapse was no accident. It was planned and executed with exact precision and purpose. They thought it was ingenious, but in reality, it will lead to the ultimate demise of its creators.

Australia’s First Aboriginal Leader Confirmed

In a move which many will believe was well overdue it was today confirmed that Adam Giles was sworn in as the head of the Northern Territory government in Australia. This is one of two Australian mainland territories which are to all intents and purposes the equal of the six states in the country. However, it is more the fact that today sees the first aboriginal leader brought into such a position that is catching the headlines around the world.

Large Jump in Australian Employment Figures

While the rest of the world struggles to come to terms with the ongoing global recession, it seems things are very different in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics today confirmed that February saw an additional 71,500 jobs created in the Australian economy against estimates from experts of just 9,000. Of the 71,500 increase it seems that 17,800 were full-time positions with 53,700 part-time positions. So what does this mean for the Australian economy?

Indian Students in Australia

The NRI community is spread right across the world and when you look at the figures it seems as though Australia continues to be something of a magnet for non-resident Indians. Over the last few years we have seen a significant increase in the number of non-resident Indian students in Australia and even though there have been some difficulties, they look set to play a major role in the economy going forward.

Technological Advancement – Backbone of Banking Industry

Technological advancement, newer financial strategies, customer demands, rising industrial sector, faster breakthroughs has dramatically transformed the banking industry. Now banks are completely accessible by any one from anywhere.

Mexican Central Bank Cut Base Rates

Last week’s news that the central bank of Mexico reduced base rates by 0.5% was initially seen as a sign of weakness with many experts predicting that investors would flee the country with concerns about the short to medium-term economic outlook. However, the situation could not be any different and the reduction in base rates to 4% has actually reinvigorated investor interest in Mexico and given the government a significant shot in the arm as deadlocked reform discussions continue.

Economic Growth in Chile

When you look at Latin America it is the likes of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, etc who grab the headlines with other countries such as Chile often left in the shadows. However, while economic growth in Brazil and Mexico continues to push forward at a slower rate it was interesting to see that earlier this week it was announced that economic growth in Chile was actually well above expectations.

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