Watch Joe Biden Change His Mind On Every Major Issue

Another Market Tantrum

Is the latest stock market convulsion just another tantrum? Or is it something worse?

Economic Growth Is Not A Panacea

For decades the poor of the world have been told that the growth of national economies will bring increased prosperity to all, but the experience of over sixty years of international development effort has shown that this is at best only partially true. Gains have not been equally shared, with the already rich benefiting much more proportionately than the poor, and in times of economic recession such as has been experienced since 2007, the rich have been able to continue to increase their wealth while the mass of the people have suffered increased poverty.

What Would I Do If I Ruled The World?

What would YOU do if you ruled the world? I am writing this post because I feel that this world needs a change. It needs new ideas and new rules that would make a positive impact. Sometimes I look at the people around me, my town, my country and think that if I could just change one thing, everything would be different. In a good way.

China Does What Europe Couldn’t

Devaluation could have helped some eurozone economies. It will probably help China.

Age Of Decadence

As it has come to pass the age of decadence is now upon us. Yet, to the multitudes they remain oblivious to the monumental hardships that lie in wait. Unbelievable hardships hidden under the clock of deception where willful perpetrators of injustice wield their influence.

How Is China Supporting Its Trade Surplus?

China’s record trade surplus in 2014 was encouraging. However, the question remains whether China can sustain it over time.

China’s Slowdown – Is It Weak Fundamentals or Deliberate Intervention?

The reasons behind the recent slowdown in China is multi-faceted. On one hand there is a feeling of easing out of demand for Chinese exports while on the other hand there is an internal push within the country to cool off the economy before it reaches the tipping point.

Bringing Aluminium to the Township and Rural Communities of South Africa

The upliftment and empowerment of disadvantaged local communities in South Africa is vital in the prosperity of its socio-economic development. Learnership programmes are specifically geared to individuals with disabilities as well as the unemployed.

The Air Of Economic Uncertainty

Loneliness, homeless, and hunger were his bedfellows. Three of the greatest scourges of humanity. Yet, even in the 21st century millions the world over face each day lonely, homeless, and hungry.

Why You Should Be Bracing for a Dual Market Crash

According to many North American economic analyses, we’re not headed toward a bubble – we’re in one. But how is this bubble different from past bubbles and what will happen when it ultimately bursts?

Money to Resource Based Economics: Step By Step

Transition away from monetary economics to a resource based economy will be a multi-step process. It will require a significant shift in the way we think about our planet and the interconnected relationships we as a species have with it, life in general and each other. As this happens we will be able to implement a plan for change which will make the transition as smooth as possible, a plan that might look something like this.

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