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Cities Hit by the Economic Crisis

This article will discuss how many tourist states and cities have lost their visitors due to the bad economy. Many areas are suffering and struggling to make it back to the top.

The EU and Asia

If China loses 19.8% of her export market in any substantial way, we can imagine them importing less from other countries and this will impact other countries’ trade figures in total. Same goes for Japan, Korea and also Singapore. The fallout will have earth moving consequences for us in Asia.

Is Goldman Sachs Really the Problem?

During the last week the Goldman Sachs hearings in Washington have provided some great theater and have engendered massive outrage among many segments of the American population which outrage mirrored the vehement attacks by senators on the Goldman delegation. Regrettably little of this vehemence had much to do with the stated purpose of the hearings which was supposed to bring us closer to an understanding of the causes of the financial meltdown of September 2008.

Inflation After the Recession? Super Internet Man to the Rescue

There is concern among many that inflation will skyrocket post recession after the financial system meltdown of 2008. A high inflation rate can be detrimental to the growth of the economy. Instead the ideal situation would be an inflation flat that is stable at about 2%. Those who are concerned inflation may have not realized how this time in history is very different from times past. What’s so different you ask?

How Will Federal Health Care Change $850M in Local Taxes Raised in Florida Health Care Districts?

With the passage of the new federal health care law, what will happen to the $850 million in taxes raised every year by local taxing districts around Florida to support care of the uninsured? In Palm Beach County, the Health Care District has insurance coverage for the uninsured in Palm Beach County.

How to Predict What Happens in the Economy

Below are the three very direct steps to finding out how to know what is going to happen in the economy, before it happens. For example, when you start feeling a pinch on your wallet because of what you are paying for in gas, ask why.

Euro is Doomed, Off the Cliff to 1-2

With the announced bail-out plan, the situation tension is somehow eased but actually the fund from the rescue package is just enough for short term plan, it does nothing to resolve many other longer term. The fact that Greece is sitting on debts that are expected to hit 290 billion euro this year and the cost of servicing future due debt is already too high (10-year bond yields rose to 8.56% lately, the most since 1998 and more than double the rate on comparable German debt) which Greece themselves admit it would not be sustainable.

Welfare, Not Employment, Has Better Days Ahead – Part II of II

Lately, across the US, low income workers on welfare have gone back to work in unprecedented numbers yet without getting needed complimentary training and counseling. Such demographics committing to work with limited skills end up jeopardizing the future of their off springs indirectly through self exclusion from basic infrastructures the kids might have availed of if parents otherwise were able to make educational, and highly socializing choices.

Canadians Still at Parity

This past April 24 weekend, the Canadian dollar slid as inflation and retail sales came in weaker than expected. Economists were surprised as currencies usually strengthen when interest rates increase to attract capital flows.

Evidence of a Recovery is Popping Up Everywhere

As we rise from the ashes, few can believe the recovery we’ve had and even fewer think it’s sustainable. The fact of the matter is that the economy is chugging along.

How Much is This Recovery Going to Cost?

It’s crazy how many different things can be traded these days. There are futures contracts for just about everything, even the weather…

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