We Are Winning Back the Culture

Migrant Labour – A Modern Version Of The Slave Trade?

The cheap labour model that has driven the economies of most of South East Asia, China and other nations may be running out of breath. Twelve people jumped off buildings at a certain factory’s facilities in Shenzen (two survived however) exposing problems related to ill treatment, mismanagement of staff, military style training and a no nonsense corporate culture. Production line workers, including pregnant women were forced to stand for eight hours on their jobs while not having time to communicate with friends and support nests.

Bailout and Austerity – Bad Alternatives for a Bad Economy

If we look at the fallout of our worldwide economy, who would have thought that our economy is now running low on gas as corporations, real estate industry and other industries are relying on the bailout fund provided by the government. If we think that first world countries are untouchables of the world, we should think again.

How Conscious Are You in Your Business Life?

The envelope contained a sales pitch from a life insurance company with which there had been no previous dealings, just lots of mailings from them over the years. Did “Final Notification” mean the pitches were at last to stop? How wonderful! Every kind of tactic under the Sun is employed these days to get us to buy something we may not want and might well be better without. It seems that using manipulation is how just about everybody in the corporate world believes we have to do business if we are to succeed.

The Future of Our Economy

I’m afraid we’ve only seen the beginning of the fall of our economy. I may not know what I’m talking about. I just know what I’ve seen on the news and read in the paper.

Various Causes Of The Economic Collapse In The US

This article discusses reasons why people might have gone bankrupt in the past few years. The article discusses the economic collapse and why so many Americans are struggling.

Financial Downturn – Why It’s Happening and How It Affects Your Money

Economy In Recession As the nation continues to be shaken by the financial downturn, many people would simply like to know when did the recession start and what are the prospects of getting out of it. Both are fair questions. To get to the bottom of this, you have to understand a bit of the history behind recessions.

Hunger Is A Reality In The Philippines

There is enough food in the Philippines. Local production and imports have seen to it that the country is amply supplied with food, and it can be readily purchased anywhere you go in the country. Unfortunately, not all people can buy the food that they need. Hunger is a reality in the Philippines.

Child Labor in the Philippines And The Right To Play

There are certain rights that children have that in theory are inviolable.These rights include the right to be loved and cared for, the right to be secure in their own selves, the right to proper nutrition and health care, the right to proper education, and the right to play and be at leisure.These are rights that every child must have. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, poverty most of the time robs a child of these rights as child labor is prevalent in the country.

Broken Dolls – The Perils Faced By Victims of Child Prostitution

Poverty is the driving force behind the problem of child prostitution in the Philippines. Because of the need to survive, some children make the decision to sell their bodies.

Effects Of Economic Recession – Four Key Signs and Symptoms

What sort of precautions can you take when you believe a recession is on the way? If you think that a recession is emerging, there are good reasons to get ready for it in constructive ways. You don’t want to start panicking or fear mongering. Instead, you want to make decisions that will better protect your financial status. Consider the effects of economic recession and check out some of the ways you might be able to recession-proof your life.

The Difficult Problem of the Unemployed

Unemployment in the US stood at 9.6 percent last month. That was considerably higher than expected when the fledgling Obama administration economic team projected in January 2009 that unemployment would go no higher than 8 percent. The number of underemployed in the US – defined as those unemployed plus those working part time but wanting full-time work – is even higher. Gallup polling estimates of underemployment have ranged between 18 and 20 percent throughout 2010.

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