Is There a Correlation Between Suicide and the Economy?

As the economy continues to struggle and people are out of work longer, the suicide rates in our country are going to climb. Do you know someone who is contemplating suicide?

Dumpster Diving For Fun and Profit or A Sign of The Times?

The stories and motives are as varied as are the people. You will find a growing phenomenon that has been getting some media exposure is the practice of dumpster diving.

How to Mitigate the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

Workers are paid based on their education background why are salaries not paid based on the profit the firms make annually? Why are salaries systems not the same as that of the tax system? Firms pay their taxes based on how much they make. The benefits of firms are generated by employees. Even though, it seems unmanageable to resolve this issue but if the economy was much more better after the abolition of slavery labor then it can likewise do better if the tax system is initiated to salary system. I hope nations will take initiatives to resolve this issue.

Democrats Set the Stage for Aggressive Campaign on Tax Reform

In a move designed to establish a platform for an aggressive campaign on taxes and jobs, the Democratic National Committee is preparing to set a firm stance on the payroll tax. They plan to place significant pressure on Republicans to extend the payroll tax cut past the end of 2011.

How America Could Reduce Fiscal Deficit And Be More Competitive

The American economy is in the doldrums. This precarious situation has frightened most Americans out of their wits. Is the gloomy financial situation intractable? This article offer some suggestions on the way out of the fiscal cul-de-sac.

What Economic Crisis? This Is a Confidence Crisis

In the aftermath of our economic crisis, the U.S. government and Federal Reserve pulled out all the stops. God bless our politicians and our government. Not knowing what to do, most having never been in the situation before, once the U.S. economy collapsed in 2008 our government threw all kinds of money at the economy. They bailed out companies, they bailed out Wall Street, they saved the banks, and they tried desperately to create jobs.

US Economic Outlook – The Plight of the Unemployed

There is a spirit of somber, a soft unspoken sense of fear and disappointment in most urban cities in America; as millions of people are coping with the reality of a great economic decline in the US. Once a beacon of hope, revered by millions as a place where even a lowly average person can earn enough money to provide a comfortable living for themselves and their family.

Critical Warning Number Six By Michael Lombardi

The Critical Warning Number Six by Michael Lombardi may be a controversial report about how the economy will be in the next few months as of August 14, 2011, but as all his five other economic predictions have come true, it shall help to be forewarned. Should his prediction come to pass, it will be a major life changing issue that will definitely impact marriages and families, so it is best to know about this report and what can be done.

Ratings Agencies Must Fight Together For Independence

If ratings agencies don’t hang together, the government will hang them separately. The people who run Fitch and Moody’s, who still give the U.S. Treasury a triple-A rating and thus remain part of the Washington in-crowd, ought to recall Benjamin Franklin’s famous warning.

Renewing Limited Government II

A century of progressivism, culminating these days as the Obama administration seeks to “fundamentally transform” our society from one fueled by free-market entrepreneurship to a European-style socialist state, has skirted (or ignored) the original limits established to constrain the growth of the government state. Here are a few ideas worth considering (and in need of inspirational leadership from the grass roots) to renew our commitment to limited government and restore our free republic….

Bird, Plane, Or Superman! – Can Bernanke Save the World Again?

All eyes are on the economic summit at Jackson Hole. Can Super-Ben save the world… or is he just rearranging the chairs on the Titanic? It was last year, at this time that he embarked on a new round of stimulus and saved the stock market. At that time, the market had dropped over 16%, and the announcement of QE2 ended that slide in a hurry and drove the market higher. So the situation is pretty simple…

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