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Bargain Hunt

In a climate of cutbacks, lay offs and instability, spending on treats is hard to justify. Yes we aren’t giving up our summer holidays, but we are choosing to spend them in the Costa del Devon rather than the far warmer and generally more enticing Costa del Sol.

A Peak Into the World of Mis Sold PPI Claims

Mis sold Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI as it is commonly abbreviated, has certainly attracted plenty of column inches in recent months and years. You may be familiar, for example, with the recent High Court Judicial Review, in which the banks attempted to alter Financial Services Authority (FSA) guidelines that urged lenders to contact those customers of theirs that had potentially been mis sold PPI, even if no compensation claim had been made. Needless to say that the banks lost that challenge, leaving them with a bill running into billions of pounds – but what exactly is PPI…

Desperate Times Produce Desperate Thinking

Harvard economist Ken Rogoff warned against using inflation to solve the debt problem, then changed his mind. He was right the first time.

99%: No, I’m Sorry – You’re a Radical Fringe of Society

Below are some of my favorite demands from the Occupation Army that has descended on Wall St and city parks around the country. Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment. This is a GREAT idea.

Controls on Natural Gas Prices Should Be Ended – Robert Dudley

Robert Dudley and Mukesh Ambani may also meet Finance Minister Pranab Mukharjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, according to the reports of Economic Times. If this meeting with Prime Minister and Finance Minister remains successful then it may open some new hopes for the companies. Offshore Energy Exploration will be much easier than before.

Practical Solution to the Greek Debt Crisis

The Greek debt problem has been in the headlines for a long time with no resolution in sight. There seems to be an assumption that the prior creditors need to keep lending more money to keep Greece from failing. This is analogous to taking pain medicine to cure a serious illness. The Greeks themselves have said they should be allowed to return to using their own currency so they can manage their own economic problems. Why not give the Greeks what they asked for? So politicians, quit looking for complicated solutions of currency swaps, and newer forms of pain medication. Let the Greeks do what they asked to do.

Renewing Limited Government: Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy in the federal government is a little like bad weather: people complain about it, but nobody does anything about it. Jokes aside, the citizenry of the United States, intended to be enlightened and to rule itself, has slowly accepted huge and growing levels of ineffective federal bureacracy as inevitable, much like rain, snow, or high winds. But the time has come for America to see the difference. Bureaucracy can, and must, be limited….

How To Fix The US Economy With Tax Changes And Spending Cuts

This article proposes steps to fix our economy through changes in taxation and spending cuts. There are valid arguments about whether or not Congress has the Constitutional power to levy an income tax or whether or not the 16th Amendment was actually ratified. We are not going there in this article. All fixes are for job creation, infrastructure improvements and paying our National debt within ten-years. Again, this article is something for America to ponder. Make changes or state your own solutions that we can all ponder if you don’t agree, but please don’t wait for Congress which created these problems by putting their Aristocracy and hunger for power before America’s well-being.

Better Ways To Halt Environmentally Damaging Trade

To block trade in illegal foreign goods without hurting U.S. business, Washington should tell importers what it expects them to do. For the amended Lacey Act to work, businesses and the U.S. government are both going to need to adapt.

How To Fix The US Economy With Four Simple Steps

This article proposes steps to fix our economy through changes in FICA taxes, an executive order, and infrastructure investments, selling National Debt Bonds and creating a National Debt Federal Lottery. The FICA fix, National Debt Bonds and the National Debt Federal Lottery will pump money into our economy we can use to create jobs and fix our infrastructure while expanding our tax-base. My hope is to give us some ideas to ponder and start a conversation outside of Congress, which seems unable or unwilling to find solutions that don’t include class warfare or just positioning for the next election.

Occupy Wall Street, Van Jones and Obama 2012

It is a tale of two Americas. Obama’s opaque alternate re-election campaign is going on in New York and now Chicago, Los Angeles – and coming soon to a town near you.

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