We’re not complying with Biden’s new COVID mandate. Here’s why.

The Greek Crisis

My view on the Greek crisis. The problems and the effects.

Ecuador’s Exclusive Electronic Payment System: To De-Dollarization?

After 15 years of taking a move in improving its monetary system, Ecuador is again changing its payment transactions, now with the help of digital currencies. The South American country’s new monetary system, which fully kicked-off last February, was the first-ever state-run electronic payment system. Last December, Ecuador’s Sistema de Dinero Electrico allowed qualifying users to set-up their accounts.

The American Experience

The world my seem like one big gray area but, when we take a close look at human nature many of the issues today are as simple as black and white. In this political season so many opinions are swayed by remarks that reflect an outside contradiction to one’s own set of ideals. The principles of our founding Liberty, Justice, Education, and Morality have all been realigned to fit agendas for personal gain.

Why Digital Currency Outweighs Fiat Currency

Businessmen often stay with the traditional methods that concern their businesses. They wanted to ensure that their businesses are in good hands. But as technology innovates, new trends and trading platforms are emerging.

What Will Happen to Banks If Greece Leaves the Eurozone?

While the probability of Greece defaulting has been present for quite a few years, the threat of a “Grexit” has never seemed more real. With every day bringing along a new episode in the ongoing negotiations between Athens and its creditors, banks are starting to fear that what now seems like a drama has the potential of turning into a full-blown Greek tragedy. And yet, with words like “rampant inflation”, “financial turmoil”, “Eurozone collapse” flying in the air, what will actually happen to banking in Europe if Greece’s bailout stalemate turns into a checkmate?

How Digital Currency Could Transform the World

Digital currency will not only offer ease and speed, but it also opens a wide range of opportunity not only to its users but also to other people outside the service. Also, soon enough, it will change the way we transact, communicate, and bank.

The Integration of the Modern Global Economy

The modern global economy is so inter-connected today that a mere sneeze in Shanghai could cause a Flutter in London and a Storm in New York. When Greece defaulted on its debt this week, Us equities took a nose dive and when new proposals came to light for debt mediation yesterday the US equities markets appreciated.

Europe Ignores America’s Free Advice

Treasury Secretary Lew says he has lots of ideas to resolve the Greek crisis. Europe doesn’t care.

Our Global Economy

The economy is composed of internal and external factors. In recent years, drastic changes have occurred in the state of the economy. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure people continue to prosper in the local and global economy.

Europe’s Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico isn’t America’s Greece. Greece will be lucky to become Europe’s Puerto Rico.

Global Economic Collapse

Many people fail to realize that the imminent global economy collapse is real and unavoidable. The truth is that the impending collapse of the global financial and economic systems started many years ago, and is nearing the point when the world economy will be completely destroyed.

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