Whoopi Goldberg reportedly ‘livid’ over suspension from ‘The View’

Will Obama Care Destroy Medical Staffing?

That is a question that many in the medical staffing industry are asking themselves, will the Obama care affect a staffing agencies ability to stay in business. Hospitals are starting to look at the specifics of what are the changes in the Industry and how are those changes going to affect how Hospitals deal with staffing or more specifically, will they be able to use contracting services to provide services? Make no mistake, hospitals will take action to make sure they are not placed out of business. CEO’s will confer with attorney’s and hospital managers and directors will be asked to cut shifts and cut wherever they can.

The New Normal: The Economy Will NEVER Return to How It Was – And What to Do About That

I don’t mean to be a downer, but it’s time we bow to an ever-apparent reality and accept facts for what they are, not what we long for them to be. Denying the obvious delays the inevitable, which furthers great hurt and denigrates our lives. Striving to maintain an illusory status quo by rejecting reality prolongs its effects; and makes worse the pain. Having said that, I do pride myself on being positive, while understanding that the set up of this column might appear less than optimistic. Yet, it can be.

Globalization and Its Effect on the Service Businesses Within the US

In the course of operating a service business I routinely get calls from customers who are currently working outside the US. They request service at their house back at home. They designate someone to meet me at their property while service is being performed.

End Modern-Day Feudalism NOW!

We got rid of the royalty, but somehow the feudalistic system of land ownership stuck. Capital ownership is one thing, but ownership of the earth by 5% of the people on the earth has caused many(probably most) of society’s problems. Returning ownership of the land to the people is not a new idea, and perhaps it’s one whose time has come.

How Public Safety Professionals Are Shooting Themselves in the Foot

“Things will continue to be normal” mantra is a charade that must stop. Decision-makers and the public need to be educated about the trade-offs that result from allocating fewer resources than required to maintain service levels.

Who Says America Can’t Create Jobs? Look How Many Jobs Our Government Created in China!

There is a funny line I like to use when someone tells me that we don’t make anything anymore in the United States. I tell them, “yes we do, we make hamburgers,” and that always gets a little bit of a laugh, but in many regards is not very funny is it? It seems that the United States Corporation has a factory floor, where all the corporations put their factories, and unfortunately the factory floor is not in the United States, it’s in China.

What Affects The Economy?

Major factors that have a huge economic impact, short-term and long-term, are the implementation of government policies, and the actions of the Federal Reserve. Learn what happened in 1913. This changed everything.

5 Ways to Utilize Your Cash When the Economy Turns Downward

When times turn bad and investing becomes more risky than usual, it’s hard to gauge what you should do. You may be in a position where you’ve managed to make money and accumulate wealth, but you’ve seen many of those financial vehicles that have been so dependable start to lose their money-generating power or perhaps even die out entirely.

How to Protect Your Cash Against Inflation in Bad Economic Times

When the economy goes south it’s difficult to discern exactly what you should do with your money. You don’t want to simply hide it, letting inflation nibble away at its worth and you don’t want to scatter it around on risky and useless investments. Continue reading…

Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh

Unemployment means lack of job facilities for able-bodied persons both educated and illiterate. It is a world-wide problem. In fact, it is a common phenomenon in almost all the countries of the world- both developed and developing. As a developing country Bangladesh has trapped in a serious unemployment problem. Many are the cause of unemployment in Bangladesh, such as, population growth, lack of industrialization, defective education system, false illusion, lack of skill, lack of investment, lack of proper utilization of resource, lack of positive belief and outlook and so on.

Falling Commodity Prices Benefit Trucking Industry

This article contains information on how the current dip in commodity prices could benefit the trucking industry. In the article you will find information on which commodities have dropped in price as well as what that means for truckers. It also addresses the potential issues increased demand for trucking transportation could cause.

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