Why are food prices going up? Turkey farmer reveals the answer.

Will the Sell Side Become Extinct in Asia?

The buy side of the stock market incorporates mutual and pension fund institutions and insurance firms that purchase huge amounts of securities to aid in financial purposes. The sell side gathers and passes on information concerning downgrades, upgrades, target prices and opinions to the public market of global investors. In relation to the Asian market, the success of Asian-based brokerage firms doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

The Economics of Free

One of the most interesting and unique economic phenomenon to emerge over the last 10 years is the impact of technology in creating products that are free to the consumer.  Chris Anderson writes about this in his book entitled “Free”.

Property Experts Can Help to Rebuild the Economy

Ireland’s economy depends largely on property which is why we desperately need property experts to help get us out of the recession. So why isn’t the Government using them? The wealth of the Irish nation was/is based on property values and the entire banking system was/is a leveraged play on property values: when property fell by a half the banks collapsed because they were more than 10 times leveraged.

The Bible Predicts Global Warming

When some Christians hear the words “global warming” they tend to shutter. Do Christians lack understanding and compassion as it relates to environmental issues? What does the Bible have to say about global warming, climate change and the environment. The answer might surprise you.

Competition and Cooperation Between American Cities

Not long ago, I was speaking with a business consultant who is quite involved in our area and has been for some 20-years. He has served on the economic development committees, chamber of commerce boards, run his own business, and been involved in business media, marketing, and advertising in several mediums – and he still is. When I looked at his 20-year career here and his experience prior to that, it reminded me of much of my own endeavors.

Does the Economy Look Okay to You?

The Indian economy has been much in news the last few years mainly for the high rate of growth it achieved. Of late it has been more in news for slowing growth and the various scams that sullied its image. However what does the man on the street feel? Does he feel that he has made progress or is he in a bemused state?

Unemployment Numbers, Election Cycle, EU Crisis, and Corporate Earnings – Who Started the Fire?

Well, as if the summer of July 2012 wasn’t bad enough with the extreme heat wave, big fires, and the never ending sound and fury of American presidential election year politics – we got a rather rude awakening as to our economic recovery as our job numbers came in a lot lower than expected and well off the Administration’s projections. Let’s talk.

Destruction and Creation – A New Jobs Hyperbole

It definitely takes new tactics and skill sets in order to acquire a position in the new world of IT, Communications, and Analytics. Sentiment Analysis is gauging the mood of Social Networks and is being incorporated by companies monitoring Community-Driven Websites.

The Fifty Year Depression – Just Around the Corner

Imagine your workplace closing down, your bank closing its doors and your credit cards cancelled – all within days. No food deliveries to the local supermarket and martial law in effect. That would be the positive spin. The negative spin would involve unprecedented violence, especially in America where everyone has guns.

Are Consumers Being Protected Or Fooled by Customer Reviews and Postings?

It is very important for consumers to be aware of this situation so that they will understand what to look for in reviews or comments. When a business has a decent majority of good customer reviews and some bad ones posted around the same time, it is probably a case of cyber-bullying for profit or other reasons. Every decision to purchase a product or service such always be accompanied by the old ‘buyer beware’ rule, but you should not be frightened away from making what may end up being a good consumer choice in cases like these just because some rip-off artists decided to target a particular business for online blackmail.

What Happened to Supply and Demand?

Supply and Demand! A simple concept that has successfully guided our economy for centuries. Today we find that the concept of supply and demand has been lost and now financial experts who seem to have no idea of this concept are in charge giving us lofty answers and ideas on how to fix our situation. However, if one steps back and take s at the problem one can easily see that increasing demand is the key to bringing our economy back.

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